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Last week we talked about the things we love about Nigeria and there were so many people sharing their views. Some of us liked the food, others talked about places, some people focused on the potential of the country and of course, the people in the country.

Nigeria is blessed with a large population and that is one of our strengths. We are a talented group of people that you can find in virtually every part of the World, with Hive, in particular, being one of our most fertile grounds.

The Challenge

There are a lot of Nigerian content creators around the community and we would like to know which ones stand out for you; whether it is their style, their fac or any other thing you think.

A Few Tips

  • Have fun with your post title but for uniformity use "My favourite authors" and then spice it up to your taste. Also, include #naija and #nigeria as one of your tags
  • Tell us what you know about the Author
  • Tell us what you like about the Author
  • Add some links to the Author's posts
  • I like pidgin English, so if you fit chook small inside, e go give me joy
  • Post your content for the Hive Naija community; people, Peakd people or just use hive-105727 as your first tag if you're using Esteem or any other Dapp
  • If your post has to do with finance, remember to use #leofinance tag to stand a chance of receiving Leo votes


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Another interesting topic to jump on.

Also I feel links to some interesting post that was submitted for the previous week's topic should be included in the post.

Oh, that's true. I'll edit the post and put some in

👍🏽 I'm glad you found the point valid 😉

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