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Good morning hive Naija community,

This is a quick update on my preparation for the hivenaija meetup in Ibadan. We are having a similar event in Lagos (hosted by @blezyn) and Port Harcourt (hosted by @young-boss-karin ). They will be giving their updates later in the week.

So the hive meetup in Agodi Gardens is going to take place at the Agodi Gardens on the 29th of January. Agodi Gardens is a recreational park with a number of fun activities to engage in including paintballing and swimming. Our primary aim is to meet up and have fun while sharing ideas about hive and our community.

Also, these meetups are our first step into building a physical community tied to a digital space--hive. We also look forward to extending and taking on physical projects via the hive blockchain and the hive naija community.

I also thought it will be best for each of the locations where a meetup is going to be held to have at least one project. So for us here in Ibadan, we will be doing a short advert for hive detailing our hive journey.

So for those of you attending, please look your best and learn how to talk to the camera. It's not compulsory if you're camera shy but I will encourage everyone present to participate.


So the 3 meet-ups will be funded from the @hive-naija. We currently have a total of $100 and that will be shared in the ratio 1:2:2. So we are getting about $20 while Lagos and Port Harcourt are getting $40 each. This is to help supplement the budgets of the hosts.

If you would like to support any of these meetups kindly donate to @hive-naija official account and funds will be disbursed accordingly.

For those interested in joining the meetup, there are a few slots available. Kindly fill the form below:


I will be contacting those who have filled the form before the end of the week. The time of the event will only be disclosed to these persons.

For further enquiry, you can reach out to me through my socials:

Twitter: @iAM__NONSO
Telegram: @nonsowrites
Discord: nonsowrites#0031

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@jaydr @bhoa


I am loving this hive physical connect ❣️

@kenechukwu97 have you seen this post?

Lol... I have seen it ooooo.

Already counting down 😂.

Good Morning 😊

Thank you very much. We hope it is a success

Agodi Gardens is a cool choice.
Is there a time fixed so I can know how to adjust my shift

Let me also tag some new hovers in Ibadan.
@bbjmed @the.wisdomalfred @drceeyou @koriedr @emmaba1

I implore you all to read this and show some interest.

I will share that with you and the people who filled the form before the end of the week. I don't want a situation where there are more people than I can cater to. This is why filling the form is important.

Ok great..
Well done. Thanks.

Thanks for this. I've filled the firm

The countdown... ⏳

Well done @nonsowrites

Looking forward to meeting you brosky...

Hi! Good morning Nonso! Please is there like an offline community for Hive naija? Probably on WhatsApp.
I'd like to stay updated on things happening, and also get to rapport with fellow Nigerians on Hive.
My offline job doesn't allow me to keep up here. But I'll do better if there's an offline community. Thank you.

The closet we have to an offchain community is our telegram channel, we hold live sessions every Sunday by 6 pm. For those who are not able to attention, we record and post via the @hive-naija account. We also hope to make this meetup a regular thing so people can connect.

Oh okay! It'll be great if there was WhatsApp. During Steemit days, we had so many active WhatsApp groups. It was super fun. In fact, my current circle of friends were from the WhatsApp groups.
I don't know the adoption of Hive in Nigeria, but it'll be great to have such vibrant community again.
Most of the people that were on steemit are now major stake holders in the crypto world. Maybe time to build another community.
Anyway, thanks for your time. I appreciate.

Pls @nonsowrites can you send the link to the telegram group, so that I can join?

here is the link to the telegram channel:


This looks good!
Would love to know the time too so I can schedule as necessary.

well if you fill the form, i will send the time and date to you.

I love this idea. We get to connect and share ideas.

yeah, that's the point--creating strong communities and sharing ideas

I say cheers to that!

This is definitely a great opportunity. Thank you @jaydr. I've registered. Nothing beats a physical connect though. Can't wait to meet fellow hivers 👍💪

Looking forward to seeing you at the meetup

Off to rehearse how to motivate my fans through a video channel 😁🏃🏃🏃
What is camera shy? I can't relate😌

lol! i am sure the camera will love you. hehe

Pinned to calendar. Weldone job boss.

thank you very much. Looking forward to hosting you

Its good to know we'll physically meet soon. I'll work on making it there by God's grace. Kudos to the organizers

looking forward to seeing you at the meet up

Wow, I love the physical connect but when is it coming to Ilorin also

maybe when we have a sizable number of people in Ilorin maybe we can have a meetup there. it is all about the numbers.

Why not put up a post about it first and see the number of turnups you get... Am very sure we have some amazing Ilorin resident here who will be glad to attend and willing to learn... Atlest I know about a few people

@adeife2 have you seen this post

Wow, this is a good initiative @nonsowrites . And I'd love to attend cos I live in Ibadan but school in Abeokuta and exams are knocking on my academic door.😁
I guess, that would be next time then. But I must say, you are doing well!!

P.S:- Agodi gardens is a good venue too 🙌

Hopefully, we will have another meet-up this year. It all depends on the success of the first meet-up.

Hopefully and a must 😁. If not for exams, I'd travel down to Ibadan but no problem, we will wait for the next meetup.
Thanks,boss @nonsowrites

I commendable initiative... Hopefully for those, not close to any of the enlisted location, a light coverage can be done or probably a live streaming..
@nonsowrites commendable I most confess and acculate from me to the team ♥️

I am just new here. When and where is the next one, so I can prepare to learn more.

Yasss, I'm looking forward to this very much

looking forward to seeing you.