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Hi guys, I feel so delighted participating in this #childhoodmemory contest by @hivenaija. It is so interesting that you are putting up this weekly contests, as it is another way to encourage activeness and engagement among community members. And most of this contest gets to reveat more about us that was not included in our introduction post.



I am Faith Okoro from Abia State, Nigera.
My childhood experience is an unforgettable memory i would always have. Being a child, so innocent and void of worries of life and stress.
I was born into the family of 7, i am the first daughter but the second born. I was born a twin, but i lost my twin brother at a tender age. I was everyone's favourite especially my dad, due to my quite, innocent and gentle nature.
Those days i had this teddy that when a battery is inserted into it, it will start rolling it's eyes and start moving it's mouth. The eye was so scary that i always cry at the sight of it. For that reason, my parents stopped inserting battery in my teddy. I carried it about to wherever i go to. I was so in love with my teddy, sometimes i will start talking to her. She had some pretty clothes my mum made for her.


Growing up i had a couple of friends and we always play a lot. One of our favourite plays is called jangle-over. Just like you see it on the picture above, it is a local kind of play that we tie rope on a tree and we jangle with it. We had some other games we played like hides and seek, cooking with sand, mummy and daddy play, skype, chess etc. It was a fun filled period.


As daddy's favourite i cried a lot just to always get daddy's attention to carry me on his shoulders. Those shoulders was so sweet and comfortable to rest on those days. And daddy will carry me and call me mummy and i will stop crying and start smiling. Daddy will promise me heaven and earth which he fulfilled some and did not fulfill many, but i was not bordered.


Going to the river to play was part of a beautiful experience i had back then and always love to have when i visit any place that has a river.
I visited the river many times then with my elder brother and a couple of friends just to swim and have fun.


Mum had a dog those days called Malley. I loved playing with Malley and would always go on a walk with her.
My only problem then was that i cried a lot. I cried at every little thing just to gain attention from whomsoever is around especially my dad. At a point my mum's sister gave me a nickname(tears of fish) due to my too much crying, though i don't know how that name related to crying.

It was a stress free period of my life. I had everything i wanted. I never worried of anything. I so much admired those days and sometimes wished to reverse the clock and go back to some of those experiences; but unfortunately it is task impossible.

Thanks for reading through my post.
A big thanks to @hivenaija for hosting this contest.
Here is my entry...


Sorry about losing your twin brother, do you have any memory of him?

@hivenaija, nope I don't have any memory of him. He died at very tender age.

Hmmm, your childhood was really fun, you almost mentioned all our games

@rickardoh, I had an unforgettable childhood experience.