Source of happiness... The Good People.

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Happiness is the ultimate in life. We desire a lot of things, and whenever we achieve them, we are happy. We live in a world where happiness is not constant. Also, every definition of happiness differs and which is why some people may never be happy.


In 1936, Kurt Lewin wrote the Equation about habit. He states that B=f(P, E) which means Behaviour is the function of the person’s environment. There is a lot about the formula, but it all round about your environment. Your environment drives your behaviours, and your behaviours determine what makes you happy. So, it doesn’t matter what you possess. What matters is how your environment places life on you and how you react to them.

Happiness is free, and no amount of money can buy it.


An anthropologist travelled down to South Africa some many years ago to study the culture of the African tribes. A day before he returned to his country. He called up many children in the village, and he prepared much sweet fruit in a basket and wrapped it with ribbon. He placed the fruit under a tree. Then a draw a line and told the children to race down to the tree and the first person to get there wins the basket of fruits.

He count 1,2,3 run! The children took each other’s hands and moved at the same pace, and they got to the tree at the same time. The anthropologist was surprised and said, one of you would have been the winner.

One of the children responded, “how can one of us be happy when the others will be sad.”

This is the thought process that the great Desmond Tutu of South Africa called the Ubuntu.

The only thing that makes me happy is staying around my loved ones. My friends, family, love. I so much value people and God has blessed me with exceptional people. They are few, but whenever I am with them, I forget the struggles. I forget the pains. I forget the things I deal with. I feel more alive, and I find more reasons to stay alive.

For me... What makes me happy are the good people around me. They are more than money to me. Yoruba(A tribe in Africa) says- Eniyan boni lara ju aso lo.

Thanks for the chance to share this. Hail Hive Naija! Hail Hive Ecosystem!


Wow what a story to add to your entry. "How can one be happy when the others are sad?" that sentence made me kinda emotional because it's so true about living a competitive life.

I guess that's another thing that makes me happy, living a world where I don't have to compete with anyone.

Nice entry, all the best in the contest

Thanks for this. Life is how we choose to live.

Exactly, you're welcome 😊