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RE: Hive Open Mic | Week 106: “Bycicle” | Rondo Alla Turca - Violin duo - Mozart

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Its nice and for sure a lot of effort behind, but sorry as from Austria I never can otherwise than to compare Mozart played by the best, the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. I know this may be unfair to take them to compare ;-)
And so to be honest I think it would sound better taking only one single tune, so you would avoid some strange sounding parts and could dive soulful into this wonderful music

!LUV but I apreciate your music :-)


I really appreciate your comment, the truth is that it is very complicated to make this kind of music without having the connection with your partner or that both violins are together. Musicians are like doctors, there is always something to learn, something to improve. Thanks for stopping by to watch the video. Greetings from Venezuela

For sure its very difficult :-) and you did great

Thank you very much, thank you for taking the time to view.