🎵 Hive Open Mic 62 - Worldwide Live Music Event

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Hive Open Mic ( #openmic ) is a global community celebrating live music on Hive. Each week is a new event, encouraging musicians to share songs with an international audience.

Hive Open Mic 62

June 13-19, 2021


Our community's open mic event attracts ~100 musicians and thousands of listeners each week. We provide a haven for creative expression and genuine connection. All are welcome. Every contributor can be proud of the fact we are building a live music movement, sharing songs with an international audience. Global harmony is our mission. World peace is our vision.

For the 62nd week of Hive Open Mic, we will explore the following theme: "Healing Song." This theme is selected by Spotlight Artist: @nahupuku, who is like a creative fire, brightly shining in an innovative improvisational way of music making that is distinctly his own. The energizing potential in his songs exemplify the medicine that music holds, capable of healing the body, heart, and mind. Everyone is encouraged to share the collective current as we express and connect this week through: Healing Song.


“Healing Song”


This week's Hive Open Mic theme is: “Healing Song.” This is a pressure-free invitation, encouraging us to explore new territory together as artists and share a common ground as a community. Musicians always have full freedom to bring whatever music feels inspired in the moment.

How To Play

1. Produce - Introduce your video with the words: “Hive Open Mic Week [1],” stating your name and performing a song.
2. Present - Post your video in the Hive Open Mic community. Include the tag #openmic.
3. Promote - Share your link in the comments section of Sunday's open mic invitation in order to ensure your entry is heard.
4. Prosper - Enjoy harmony with the Hive community by engaging with musicians and music fans through upvotes and uplifting comments.

Good Examples

Hold On (Cover) by @mipiano
Feel (Original) by @holisticmom
Soaring (Original) by @joshuabbey
Be United As One (Original) by @rezasofyan
La Meccanica del Cuore (Original) by @lorenzopistolesi
Son Mis Deseos / It's My Wishes (Cóver) by @zorajr and @armandolnrs
Con los Brazos al Cielo / With Arms to Heaven (Original) by @lecumberre
Gaviota / Seagull (Cover) by @davidcentenor
Mi Fe / My Faith (Original) by @jhoxiris
Heavily (Original) by @cabelindsay


We can all help support Hive Open Mic by acknowledging the creative spirit that is given so abundantly. Let's reward musicians by voting and commenting directly on music posts, showing our applause as if we're listening in a pub, a coffee shop, or concert hall. Tipping is greatly appreciated. These artists enliven Hive through their humming and buzzing!


In the Hive Open Mic community, every week is an inspiring musical journey. Here, talented musicians bring their gifts to the virtual stage, reaching around the world. Listeners gain human connection on levels of heart and mind, including people of various cultures and languages. This is the harmonizing power of music.

Gratitude goes to the originators of Hive, who planted the seeds for us to grow and flourish here. Gratitude goes to the @OCD Incubation Program and specifically @acidyo, along with other community cultivators, allowing newcomers to find their niches, and comfort zones. Gratitude goes to all the people who share their energy here, helping each other to thrive.


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Un saludo a los hiveopenmicistas. A ver qué se me ocurre o inspira esta vez.

Me encanta tu palabra hivenopenmicistas ! 🌟

Ocurrencias o ideas,Mipiano.

Excelente! Éxitos para todos por aquí y a hacer el mundo un lugar mejor a través de la música!

Bendiciones y buenas vibras!

Awesome! I wish a Big success to everyone around here and we have to make the world a better place through music!

Blessings and good vibes!

Right on, brother. I'm thankful for your choice of this week's theme. Greatly looking forward to the "Healing Songs" we will hear this week!

Yeah for me Will be amazing this week

Excelente el tema para esta nueva semana... La música es la medicina que cura el alma !!! Un abrazo a todos...

Excellent theme for this new week ... ** Music is the medicine that heals the soul ** !!! A hug to all ...

What a joy, experiencing the health and wellbeing of the whole self, through the songs we carry. You speak the truth.

Music is the medicine that heals the soul.

Qué alegría, experimentar la salud y el bienestar de todo el ser, a través de las canciones que llevamos. Tu hablas la verdad.

La música es la medicina que cura el alma.

Excelente temática la que se aproxima. ¡Gracias por esa relevante selección @nahupuku!. ¡Bendiciones a todos!

Siempre a la orden. Bendiciones ;)

Hey! nice theme ☮️ count on me 🍦

Rock on, dude. 🤘✌️

Hola querida comunidad, aquí esta mi entrada en la semana #62. Suerte a todos!



Spanish: Interesante temática de ésta semana, no tengo un tema pero igual hay canciones con un aura muy similar o incluso directa a ésta temática. Pronto les traigo mi entrada para ésta semana del Hive Open Mic

English: Interesting theme of this week, I don't have a theme but there are still songs with a very similar or even direct aura to this theme. Soon I bring you my ticket for this week of the Hive Open Mic

Excelente la temática para esta nueva semana de #openmic, sin duda algo necesario en tiempos difíciles. Me siento inmensamente feliz de poder participar cada semana en esta iniciativa, una iniciativa que conecta a muchos músico y oyentes de todo el mundo.

Un abrazo para todos y a seguir alimentando el alma con buena música.

Excellent theme for this new week of #openmic, certainly something necessary in difficult times. I am immensely happy to be able to participate every week in this initiative, an initiative that connects many musicians and listeners around the world.

A hug to everyone and keep feeding the soul with good music.

Aho. And ditto. I'm so glad to be here, participating and witnessing, expressing and connecting. What a joy! Hugs right back at you, friend.

Aho. Y lo mismo. Estoy muy contento de estar aquí, participando y testificando, expresándome y conectándome. ¡Que alegria! Los abrazos de vuelta a ti, amigo.

Buenos días esta es mi entrada para la semana 62, https://peakd.com/hive-105786/@aichel/spnvkhua

photo5057800028491458799 (1).jpg

Hey guys this week I want to sing The Greatest Love Of All

El inicio de una nueva semana para compartir música, y esta vez con un tema hermoso, ya que la música sana cuerpo y alma. Ansiosos por acá de ver sus participaciones.


I am happy seeing your family join forces with this new account of yours, voicing as a singular statement. I've always admired your shares as individuals, and this collaborative effort feels like a good way to rally together as a team. You all seem to understand well the medicine of the music, which is enhanced when it is harmonized and unified between many people.

Me alegra ver a su familia unir fuerzas con esta nueva cuenta suya, expresada como una declaración singular. Siempre he admirado sus acciones como individuos, y este esfuerzo colaborativo se siente como una buena manera de unirse como equipo. Parece que todos ustedes comprenden bien la medicina de la música, que se potencia cuando se armoniza y unifica entre muchas personas.

Bendiciones mis amigos, aquí tienen mi aporte de esta semana, espero lo disfruten y que viva Dios y la música!

realmente hiciste una participación impecable. Lo disfruté muchísimo.

Muchas gracias hermano, eso me alegra mucho!

naguará hermano que espectacular tu canción, Dios siga dándote inspiración.

Amen hermano gracias!

naguará hermano que espectacular tu canción, Dios siga dándote inspiración.

Hello, this is my perform in participating on hiveopenmic. Tq very much

hola! esta es mi entrada de esta semana 62 , para #openmic

hi this is my post from this week 62, for #openmic


Quizás quizás quizás... 🙌

Hi, here is my entry for this week, i hope you'll enjoy

tremendo vozarrón. Ese ritmo de orquídea es super pegajoso

This week I wrote a blues song for the theme of healing song, because the blues are healing. I hope you like it. Thanks.

Hi! My best wishes for all of you!

Here is my entry for this week!


Hi there!! What a great theme ^^ and this is my newest entry to Hive Open Mic Week #62
Hope you guys love it... have an amazing day!! ^

Hola amigos de Hive Open Mic, un gusto saludarles en esta maravillosa semana 62, acá les dejo mi entrada espero que la disfruten, un fuerte abrazo a todos. 🤗

Hello friends of Hive Open Mic, a pleasure to greet you in this wonderful week 62, here I leave you my entry I hope you enjoy it, a big hug to all. 🤗



Saludos a mis queridos y apreciados amigos de #hiveopenmic. Esta es mi entrada para la semana 62 "Canción Curativa".
Greetings to my dear and cherished #hiveopenmic friends. This is my entry for week 62 "Healing Song".

Saludos a todos. Esta es mi entrada de la semana 62 "Canción Curativa"
Greetings to all. This is my entry of the week 62 "Healing Song".

Hello dear friend @cabelindsay thank you for the support you give us every week, here I leave my post.

I hope to reach your hearts with this song that contains a message of love and healing. ¡Blessings to the entire Hive Open Mic family! :D

Espero llegar con esta canción a sus corazones que contiene un mensaje de amor y de sanación. ¡Bendiciones a toda la familia del Hive Open Mic! :D


Hola Hive Open Mic. Excelente reflexión para esta semana, la música hace que nuestra vida sea más "llevadera", nos aligera la carga. Pensemos en el valor real y efectivo del poder de la música. El mundo de hoy es un mundo de vida relacional musical, sin música no hay vida que valga. Aprovecho para dejarles mi entrada y reitero mi agradecimiento por re encontrarnos, una vez más, en este espacio:

Holaa amigos de hive open mic aqui les dejo mi participacion esta semana, espero y la disfruten.....

I've been having problems with my connection, but at last I can post it: https://peakd.com/hive-105786/@bertrayo/hive-open-mic-62-song-of-healing

Here is my participation in hive open mic #62

i will be playing heal the world by Michael Jackson with my Baby(Violin) also weldone @cabelindsay and @mipiano for this amazing works, here is my own participation

Éxcelente y aleccionador tema

Happy week my people from Open Mic, this is my entry for the song Healing Song, I hope you like it...

Saludos amigos de #hiveopenmic. Esta es mi nueva entrada para la semana 62. Espero les sea de su agrado y no dejen de apoyarme.
Greetings #hiveopenmic friends. This is my new entry for week 62. I hope you like it and don't stop supporting me.

Hi community and @cabelindsay
I always forget to post here my entry, I remembered now


Greetings to all 💚

Here is my week 62! Thank You all for sharing! Cheers to Healing Songs!!! Music!!

Holaaa holaaaa!! por acá mi entrada de esta semana https://hive.blog/hive-105786/@mae1501/swyyholx

Semana 62.jpg

Happy to share with you all my entry for the week! hope you enjoy this latin music with a little bit of rock!

Feliz de compartir con todos ustedes mi entrada de la semana! Espero disfruten de la música latina con un poquito de rock!


hola amigos de hive open mic, aca les dejo mi participacion de las semana #62.
tarde pero seguro. espero le guste.

Hello friends of hive open mic, here is my participation of week # 62.
late but safe. I hope you enjoy it.


Hola amigos de HIVE OPEN MIC. aqui les dejo mi primera participacion en el concurso, espero les guste.

Hello friends of HIVE OPEN MIC. Here is my first participation in the contest, I hope you like it.