🎵 “To Be Free” (Original) - Live Music for Hive Open Mic 119

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Hive Open Mic ( #openmic ) is a global community celebrating live music on Hive. Each week is a new event, encouraging musicians to share songs with an international audience.


This week's Hive Open Mic theme is: Prejudice. To me, prejudice is a judgment, intolerance, and disrespect of other people's differences. The consequences include separation, isolation, exclusion, cruelty... The remedy is compassionate understanding, and I think the fastest route to healing is empathy: putting ourselves in another person's shoes.

In my lifetime, I see some favorable cultural shifts in this area. I think part of the improvement can be credited to some recent social media movements: (1) Standing Rock; (2) Black Lives Matter; and (3) Me Too. Each of these movements looks at various forms of prejudice, illuminating the paint points in an effort to boost visibility, create awareness, and leave lasting impressions that hopefully make the world a more harmonious place to live.

One of the songs that I carry speaks to the ability to understand and share the feelings of another person. The brotherhood that naturally builds with the willingness to relate with another person is a gift in itself, and that gift blesses us in all sorts of beautiful ways: co-existence, co-creation, fullness, wholeness, oneness... love.

To Be Free

Brotherlove I walk in your moccasins
Honoring rocky miles behind your feet
Remembering virtues that you stood for
Sure enough you made a way for me

To be free [3x]
To be

Brotherlove I ignite the fire you made
Visioning running through a field of sage
Remembering crows know the way to go
Antelope darting in every direction

To be free...

Brotherlove I drink from the cup you filled
Bringing in goodness that you gave
Remembering music moving through
Carrying songs that used to carry you

To be free...

Brotherlove I hear your voice in the wind
Listening to spirit movement in the air
Remembering your shadow below
Ivory is ebony at sundown

To be free...




Hive Open Mic - Week 119 is underway right now, with the current theme: “Prejudice." We introduce new themes every Sunday, inviting musicians to share a common current. Musicians always have full freedom to bring whatever music feels inspired in the moment. There is still time to jump in and enjoy this week's Hive Open Mic event!


Enjoy? Join in.


Aaaaah me encantó!!! El sonido, el vídeo, la letra... Todo es bonito acá! Tu voz es tan abrazable... Me gusta la atmósfera que crea la guitarra también. Sin duda lo disfruté ❤️✨✨

Yay, I'm glad you're feeling a resonant vibration. I sure appreciate your encouragement, brother, thank you.

Yay, me alegro de que estés sintiendo una vibración resonante. Seguro que aprecio tu aliento, hermano, gracias.

Querido amigo, ☺️ es un gusto escucharle, tus canciones tiene una letra muy hermosa, y está le quedó muy genial, me encantó mucho, bendiciones ❤️

Thanks, I feel really happy with the way this one came out. It felt smooth and simple, compared to some of the others. Thanks for noticing, and for giving your supportive comment.

Gracias, me siento muy feliz con la forma en que salió este. Se sentía suave y simple, en comparación con algunos de los otros. Gracias por notar, y por dar su comentario de apoyo.

I believe that empathy is one of the fastest dying resources in the world, however, I have faith that it will begin to be renewed in order to witness a rebirth that will reaffirm the basis of our society.

It is precisely things like this song that collaborate and accelerate this renaissance, you are a clear example that we can strive from our corner to create a better world.

We love your song dear Cabe. Greetings!

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-27 at 2.30.41 PM.jpeg

I'm thankful to see and feel connection with this community and others that keep me hopeful for a bright future ahead. A future where we all seek to understand and embrace each other as kindred spirits. Thank you for all the ways you support this vision of harmony, my friends.

Estoy agradecida de ver y sentir la conexión con esta comunidad y otras que me mantienen con la esperanza de un futuro brillante por delante. Un futuro en el que todos busquemos entendernos y abrazarnos como almas gemelas. Gracias por todas las formas en que apoyan esta visión de armonía, mis amigos.

As always @cabelindsay performance graciously.

This is wonderful.

Thank you, sister. It is wonderful knowing you and connecting through the songs we carry. Sending a a hug.

Your creativity always inspires me.
You create new music and songs quite frequently and it comes out professional. This is a big inspiration for me.

For the song "to be free" from the guitar chords to the beat and the lyrics, it all synthesises into a very smooth rock song quite refreshing to listen to!

Fabulous music as always!

Kudos @cabelindsay

I'm so glad we can inspire each other, bro. It's a pleasure to connect through the music we share. Thank you for your uplifting comment.

You are welcome!!!

Greetings dear friend! Blessings!

I believe that love is the one that will cover any fault! The world would be totally different if it were full of this!!!!

Thank you for brightening our week once again in this Hive Open Mic!

Receive a big hug!

Yes, I am with you in holding that high regard for the love that forgives and cleanses, and refreshes and revitalizes us. Thank you for connecting with me. Hugs.

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This is an amazing song.

I wonder how could we truly be free. 🙂



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The message. The backing track and the vibes from the rhytm I like too much this song!
Blessings and I hope this World have a better change life about the prejudices

Thanks brother, I think music is one of the ways we find common ground with all walks of life. Hopefully we can make music that breaks down the walls of separation and builds up the bridges of connection.

Yes I feel the same!
I make My week Openmic's post for speak with My music against the prejudices about the rock and extreme metal that happens here an others stuffs that I dislike. The rock it's a cool way to express very loud and clear with our voice about the troubles of the society. Like a direct way. Sometimes very complex to make it. Each músic genre have this awesomes ways to let us express ourselves and speak about the stuffs that we can dislike too

Wise words, wise reflections and wise lyrics, you are a special artist brother, listening to you and seeing you will always be a source of joy, because you connect in an incredible way with everyone and everything 💖!!!

Your song is very beautiful and the audiovisual experience was very cool; I love the sound of your guitar and your voice. Certainly there have been great movements in the world against the prejudices of society, some well accepted, others not, but we are in that process of assimilating, understanding and making decisions, the world is taking an accelerated course to understanding, we must fight for that to be achieved, otherwise, we will continue in an infinite loop of conflicts and absurd wars!!!!!

Happy to see and hear you once again with us Cabe, I send you a big hug full of love 🙌😀💛, hope to see you next week too.... You Rockkkkkk!!!! 👊😎🔥🎙️🎸🎶❤️🌟🍻💥💫💯

Thanks so much, brother. You're so thoughtful and generous with your words and your time. I am so blessed knowing you. I appreciate you once again for relating with my message, and feeling me. Feels good to be witnessed and accepted and encouraged.

It is a pleasure Brother, for me it has also been a great blessing to count on you and with your beautiful brotherhood 🙌😀💛, you're great Cabe.... You Rockk!!! 👊😎🔥🎙️🎸🎶❤️🌟🍻💥💫💯

Woow gran canción hermano 👏
Que bueno es escuchar buena música 🎶
Te felicito 👏 👍

great song bro 👏
How good it is to listen to good music 🎶
I congratulate you

I sure appreciate your encouragement. It is a real pleasure knowing you, brother, and I'm grateful we have this community to connect on a vibrational level through the music.

Seguro que agradezco tu aliento. Es un verdadero placer conocerte, hermano, y estoy agradecido de que tengamos esta comunidad para conectarnos a un nivel vibratorio a través de la música.

Excellent Wow, what a beautiful edition, all the instruments sound so beautiful, friend, I love seeing you, Congratulations for your beautiful work 🤩.

So nice to hear from you, friend. It lights me up each and every time we cross paths. I am delighted to know you, and so happy we have this special sacred way of connecting across distances through the music that brings us together.

Que bueno saber de ti, amiga. Me ilumina cada vez que nos cruzamos. Estoy encantada de conocerte, y muy feliz de que tengamos esta forma sagrada especial de conectarnos a través de las distancias a través de la música que nos une.

I love the rhythm and lyrics of this original song of yours.

We should definitely put ourselves in other people's shoes, always show empathy and above all respect for differences and diversity.

Great rendition, brother.

Sending a hug, sister, thank you. Yes, it's so easy to jump on the bandwagon with judgments and criticism of other people, but it is much more noble to bring patience and tolerance to people who are hurting.

My dear @cabelindsay
How wonderful it is to hear you sing creating such wonderful music, you are so artistic 💞🥰💖😍🌷🤗🌼.

Thank you for the sweetness you bring, friend. It's a real joy to know you, and to connect through the musical vibrations we share.

Gracias por la dulzura que traes, amiga. Es un verdadero placer conocerlos y conectarnos a través de las vibraciones musicales que compartimos.

Hola mi bello amiguito @cabelindsay que hermoso , me quedé extaciada escuchando tu canción es muy agradable y envolvente tu relajante voz y tu gran acompañamiento Un gran abrazo y mil bendiciones amigo.

Aw, thank you, your words bring me warm fuzzy feelings. It's so kind of you to notice some of the specific aspects that I've been working to improve in my song carrying. Witnessing you and your crew is a big source of inspiration for me, and I'm learning through listening. Sending a hug.

Oh, gracias, tus palabras me traen sentimientos cálidos y confusos. Es muy amable de su parte notar algunos de los aspectos específicos en los que he estado trabajando para mejorar mi interpretación de canciones. Ser testigo de ti y tu tripulación es una gran fuente de inspiración para mí, y estoy aprendiendo escuchando. Enviando un abrazo.

Hello @cabelindsay
This is amazing,
Why???? i think you all hivers need to upvote more for this original cration, hope more apreciate u, because this is original song, and there is harmonies and melodies there, if i jury of this i give u 100.

All respect to your lyrics and message l...... but you play this guitar of your's so well it's all I could focus on. You're good

To be Freeeeeee ! Nice song Cabe 💛💛💛


Amigo @cabelindsay siempre haciéndonos reflexionar en tus escritos, muy de acuerdo contigo que tenemos que ser más empáticos, hermosa letra y con esa interpretación de una vibra positiva, gracias amigo por todo lo que das aquí en esta comunidad y darnos ese espacio para expresarnos por medio del canto. Un gran abrazo🤗🙏🎵🎶🎤💜🎸🌟🌹🎇💚♥️💙💞

Empathy. A big word that is hardly seen these days, but starting within ourselves can undoubtedly make a difference. Your song's tempo, lyrics, and overall feel is fantastic btw. 😊

Very precise analysis of prejudices and certainly empathy as a value can help us not to fall into such recurrent actions.
I love your professional interpretations, the attractive atmosphere and of course your execution on the guitar and impeccable voice! Blessings✌️

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You used your voice wonderfully my friend, and your song selection, the overall slow beautiful rhythm of the song and the harmony of your voice are perfect. I just realized that the song is original. great job. The rotating cassette in the background added a wonderful ambiance to the environment.🎧🎸👏🎼♥️