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Hive Open Mic ( #openmic ) is a global community celebrating live music on Hive. Each week is a new event, encouraging musicians to share songs with an international audience.


Oof, I’m experiencing a challenging downswing in my emotional state this week. I think the main wave is a a long-lasting transition that is finally coming to completion. Specifically, I’m talking about a 2-year separation of a 10-year marriage.

Thankfully, the kids’ mom and I are close friends. In fact, last weekend I helped her move into a home with her current companion. Me, I’m feeling very separated and a little too isolated, but not quite divorced enough to be fully free and single. It’s kind of complicated, and awkward for sure. We’ll submit our final decree of divorce next Thursday.

Dating at age 42 feels pretty funny at times, for a million reasons. Sure, I’ve had a couple of relationships, but I haven’t yet found someone ready to get to know the other half of me: a dad. Yesterday I took myself on a date to my favorite cacao place, then went to the greatest library, and bought myself some flowers, showing myself some love. And then I went out to meet with some musicians for a jam, and it happened to be in the neighborhood of my ex-girlfriend and all of a sudden my heart started beating so fast I could hardly handle it. I felt like a fish out of water, floundering, wow, how strange!

I’m trying my best to remain calm, and this slow rite of passage is definitely testing my patience. The hardest struggle comes at night, when my mind keeps getting stuck in patterns, trying to make magic happen or something. But I really just want to sleep. Now I’m following a strict routine of self-care before bed, and still hardly sleeping. I’m grateful for the rosary, helping me to create spaciousness from the stress.

Interestingly, my sense of security is actually OK, even though I’m largely alone, trying to build various kinds of connections, finding gray hairs, supporting three kids with colds for 10 days straight, and a computer crash too! I just moved though it all. I’m humbled by the fact that this is my first Hive post written on a phone, knowing that phone posts are the only option for some of us. Somehow, on a root chakra level, I think I’m doing good work staying grounded, making strong, safe choices.

Still, I’m feeling the sadness of all this change. Feels appropriate that this week’s Hive Open Mic theme invites us to share a song that speaks to the emotions. Here’s a new song, written this week.



Enjoy? Join in.


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Primero que nada quiero felicitarte por el dibujo o gráfico de esta semana, describe muy bien la temática, un hombre sumergido en sus emociones creo que así estamos todos hoy en día, amigo @cabelindsay tienes algo que cuando cantas hace que uno como oyente se una a tus sentimientos que quieres expresar, esta interpretación me gusto mucho a pesar de no entender la letra, me atrapó. Felicitaciones y éxitos 🎵🎵⭐😊🎶🎶☺️🌹👏👏👏💫💯💢🎧🥰🤗🙏🔥💓💙💜🧡❤️💞

Oh I’m really grateful you were able to feel the emotion in it, even withough knowing the words. Hugs.

Oh, estoy realmente agradecido de que hayas podido sentir la emoción en él, incluso sin saber las palabras. Abrazos.

Dios te bendiga amigo 🙏🙏🧡❤️💞

I love to see how you feel the sound and this is an intense experience for you. thanks for sharing your love of music with us!

Thanks for your acknowledgment here. yeah it feels pretty vulnerable to share this, but it feels really good to be accepted and embraced, even in this vulnerable state.

There's nothing vulnerable, if I feel loved! We're here to help each other be okay, I'm part of this mission 💛💛

Heck yeah, that's exactly right. Thanks for saying so, and showing how it's done.

Dear my friend, I really liked the melody of your song, its lyrics. What I noticed and felt more than your skillful use of your voice was your soulful singing style.

I hope to see your stronger and cheerful face at the end of the video in near days. Take care of yourself. I'm going through a similar process, it's hard for me too , I hope good days are near for both of us.

I believe that new beginnings in your life, even if it is complicated, will bring you luck and peace. Everything can be better as long as we breathe.Greetings from far away.🙏

I'm sorry to hear you're going through a similar process. Thanks for letting me know. I'm glad we have this community and this practice of making music as a way to move energy as we work through the waves.

You said it very well: We have the ability to make and share music that can transfer our energy. Being busy with something relaxes us a bit. Your stance on the stage, your self-confidence, your writing, your character, your musical talent and I'm sure you have many more beautiful and strong sides, my brother. No matter what life is worth living. Come on, do one more good thing for yourself today, there's nothing like a good cup of coffee.☺️☕ I have a dream of making a cover that I hope one day can accompany your songs. I'm going to review many of the songs you sang today. Happy Days😇

Aw that's wonderful to hear. Yes, I'd love to hear you cover something. Maybe we'll collaborate musically in the near future.

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Oh wow, that's a big achievement, how cool! Thank you for making note of it.

You're welcome @cabelindsay, it is well deserved! Hope you enjoy this badge 😊👍

Hoping these sadness you are feeling right now will be replaced with joy very soon. Thank you for sharing your music with us.

Hope so too. Thanks for your well-wishing. Brings me joy to see your photo with the beautiful kids all around you - my life feels like that sometimes.

The paths of life are so indecipherable that sometimes it is scary to think about it, one day we have everything and we are happy and the next day we feel that we lost it although it is not necessarily so, but it is normal to feel that the things we want are not complete. No one is prepared to feel those things but no one has to be, it is all part of having our feet on the ground in which each one of us lives things that we can't even imagine. One day we were at home with our parents and the next day we were in an unknown country, alone and with a lot of uncertainty about the future, we have been away from home for more than 4 years and we miss our family very much.

The point is that the unpleasant and uncomfortable things we have lived through surely make us stronger and sooner or later we will experience that growth. Perhaps it is necessary to receive these blows and then be reborn as the Phoenix Bird and this last thing we say in special people like you for sure is a little easier. Our admiration and love to you dear brother, from the bottom of our heart we wish to see in you joy and happiness, you are light in this murky world.

Your song is beautiful both in lyrics and guitar, we feel the inspiration in your musical expressions, we enjoy it very much. We send you a hug!

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-27 at 2.30.41 PM.jpeg

I feel your hugs through you words and the comforting vibration you bring do you presence here. I think about home a lot, and the choices I made that brought me away from my family, to surround myself with a new family, a chosen family. I love my chosen family, and I totally adore the family that God chose for me too. Hope you can be with your home and your family again soon.

Greetings dear friend @cabelindsay I had a long time without listening to you, really your songs are very heartfelt harmony of the guitar and your voice makes me reach. Heart.

It is not easy to go through these things my brother, everything takes time I know that these family issues are strong but in all this see the positive side.

I have always found it interesting that after a couple separates they never speak to each other again and leave their children with that bad taste and to see you and your ex-partner get along like that is to be admired because it is giving a good example to your children.

That is the true meaning of love, even if you don't understand each other as a couple and it didn't work out but the most important thing is your children, that's worth it, you haven't lost everything my brother.

You have a big heart full of love and you will find someone who will be your life partner for the rest of your life, I know you have a sea of mixed emotions and that is normal because we are human beings who feel all these.

Always give love to your children and be happy that's why we came here to be happy, everything will happen in its time and better things will come for you, you are a good man with a great talent and we admire you for everything you do.

A big hug from the bottom of my heart I felt very identified with you my brother that this hug is big from here to where you are God take care of you always ❤️

Thank you for sharing your song and your emotions.

Yeah, true love is unconditional. It doesn't go away, even if it feels like it wavers and changes. That type of love is worthy of respect and upholding no matter what. So, it is the most natural thing in the world to continue loving and respecting my kids' mom. Thank you for understanding me, brother. Your witnessing and relating means a lot to me.

This why music exist, to transform suffer in value, slavery in Blues, segregation in Hip Hop, .... and this is forever

Music exists to transform suffering into value

#truth Yes, that's exactly right. Music is the ultimate energy mover.

Its going to be fine and I could feel every detail from this... not easy to be separated after a long time I'm sure the right person will get to know the awesome side of you.. beautiful song by you

This too shall pass. Yes, thank you for feeling me, and giving me your encouragement.

you're welcome

I felt your pain, I felt that part of you that cries out for calm, I felt part of your anguish and I felt the uncertainty when the final chapter will be completed...

A separation can be potentially painful, let's say divorce finishes putting your feet on the ground; the emotions that arise after that moment will determine your destiny. Do not worry about whether time passes, nor the fact that you have children and have a good friendship with their mother, when someone comes into your life who can understand that, or who may have lived it, will be when everything points to your success!!!

It is normal what you felt when you were close to where your ex-girlfriend lives, it is normal that you feel this cocktail of energetic charges that press on your chest and weaken, it is normal that the nights are just that and that you only listen to your thoughts.

When everything culminates, do not allow her to take advantage of you and do not allow your goals to stop, you must practice self-pity without reaching self-punishment and understand yourself, life prepares you, God prepares you, you will be the best dad in the world, you will be the perfect warrior for your children, you will be the one they will turn to when something is not right, you will be the light they need, the rest can wait... she will come to you, the perfect woman, you will only feel and recognize her as if you knew her from past lives, she is an enlightened, different, but she has the best for you and with her you will feel true freedom, it is not the one you want, it is the one you need, not yet, let it all flow... you will see 💞✨!!!

Your song came to my heart, as your broken voice came, you can Cabe, your heart will be reborn and your soul will transcend 🙏💖, do not lose faith, what you feel will not be eternal, I love you Brother, may peace be with you 💛... You Rockkkkkk!!!!!

I sure appreciate you brother. Yeah I crave the day when I can share all of myself with someone, as I know I'm open and ready to embrace all of someone else. Until that day comes, I'll have to be the one to show myself the love that I crave. I have to fill my own cup, and thankfully it feels really good to do that.

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Brother, you are a person who doesn't hide his emotions and that makes you a being with a noble and transparent soul.

Separations are always complex and are a long road that leaves us with many lessons. But the important thing is to open ourselves to new opportunities to grow and be happy. Time heals the wounds.

You have brought a very emotional song, it's a work of art.

Thank you sister. You're right, this stage feels almost like being a flower and returning to the bud stage. Or a butterfly returning to the cocoon. A good time to reflect, reinvent, and rejuvenate.

Hello brother @cabelindsay, you reflect great emotion, remember that our sorrows or setbacks are life lessons for the soul and spirit.
We have to heal ourselves first before involving another person.
From my wife's point of view you are a person given to humanity and then to yourself.
Since you said that you are working for the root chakra, he recommends that you work up to number four.
Because from Muladhara, Svadhisthana, Manipura and Anahata these are the ones who work the land.
He also recommends that you work above 5 to 7 once a month.
Remember that as it is below it is above and you have to seek balance.
God bless you.

Hola hermano @cabelindsay, reflejas una gran emotividad recuerda que nuestras penas o tropiezos son lecciones de vida para el alma y el espíritu.
Tenemos que sanarnos primero nosotros antes de involucrar a otra persona.
Desde el punto de vista de mi esposa eres una persona dada para la humanidad y luego para ti mismo.
Como tu hablaste que estas trabajando para el chacra raíz, te recomienda que trabajes hasta el numero cuatro.
Porque desde Muladhara, Svadhisthana, Manipura y Anahata estos son los que trabajan la tierra.
También te recomienda que trabajes arriba del 5 al 7 una vez al mes.
Recuerda que como es abajo es arriba y hay que buscar el equilibrio.
Que dios te bendiga.

Our sorrows or setbacks are life lessons for the soul and spirit.

I'm taking your words to heart. Yes, this is a potent time of expansion for me. I want to go through it slow and steady, knowing I have to focus inward first.

Nuestras penas o contratiempos son lecciones de vida para el alma y el espíritu.

Me estoy tomando tus palabras en serio. Sí, este es un momento potente de expansión para mí. Quiero pasar por esto de manera lenta y constante, sabiendo que primero tengo que concentrarme en mi interior.

This is really beautiful
I enjoyed every bit of it
Kudos to you!❣️

Wooow, esto es muy bonito dulce voz , se escucha tan hermoso todo,🤩😍🙌 muchas felicitaciones amigo 💕 me encantó tu presentación muy exelente 🤩

I feel the loss you feel, honestly, I've felt it 2 years ago, but I'm sure you can get through it, everything will be better when we go through with positive things @cabelindsay

Gushh.. you had those tears flowing down my cheeks..

I m sorry how you felt that moment ..
Some anxiety at that time is explainable

I have my best wishes for you.

Let it go to God
Let it go to grandma

Aw, thanks for feeling the emotions with me. At some point in life, I tried to hold back the tears, and power through the sadness, but it feels good to cry sometimes. It feels like a necessary release, with a cleansing that comes with it. Does it feel that way to you too?

Well.. I feel you were triggered in that place. If you could allow the wound to heal before poking it by going close to something that will remind you of that person as such.

The reaction however is a good one, men can cry, that some maturity owning up too and some growth gained moving on. That’s if you’ve moved on though, have you?

My dear friend, Your music has been really calming and emotional. I can see that he reflects his emotions in his music. I hope you get through this difficult process as soon as possible and you can find your other half life partner as soon as possible.🙏

That's what I'm hoping for. I've often tended to rush into love, and this time I'm trying to approach it at a slower pace. A pace I can sustain over time. I want to go deep, surrendering to the whole fullness of love. Thanks for your reflection, helping me to visualize the partnership I'm calling in.

Mis padres se separaron cuando tenia tan solo 5 años de edad y aunque era muy pequeño puedo aun recordar sus discusiones y sus gritos por las diferencias que tenian, no le deseo una separacion a nadie, pero en algunas circunstancias de la vida lo mejor es dejar ir las cosas y seguir avanzando individualmente, pero siempre teniendo en cuenta a tus hijos!!
De cierta forma me da paz poder leer que a pesar de la separacion eres un buen amigo de la madre de tus hijos, esa sensacion de la que hablas cuando se te acelero el corazon al estar en el vecindario de tu ex tambien la he sentido en algun momento de la vida, pero ahora aqui estoy amigo, tengo la mitad de tu edad pero despues de una relacion de 4 años tuve que separarme tambien y ahora estoy bien nuevamente, con mi actual pareja, nunca es tarde... Pero no todos estamos hechos para buscar una nueva relacion, mi mama tiene 51 años de edad y desde sus 25 años aproximadamente esta soltera y desde entonces ha sido feliz teniendome a mi cerca, solo te puedo aconsejar que formes un fuerte vinculo con tus hijos sigue siendo un buen padre para ellos y alli tendras todo el amor que merece tu corazon siempre, hasta que la vida decida acabar, te aprecio hermano eres sin duda alguien que hace las cosas con un buen sentimiento... Yo percibo eso al leerte!
Me transmitio tranquilidad la tonalidad de tu cancion, pero tu historia personal me atrapo al leerte, saludos! @cabelindsay

Nice bro! There is a part when it seems to me kind of indie then it becomes viking, cool song!

Me imagino tu Proceso se que se te a hecho fuerte pero confía que la vida siempre da un vuelco y Dios permite que venga lo mejor para ti, el proceso de hoy es la bendición de nuestro mañana, tus niños son el regalo de amistad que tendrás que regar cada día para cuando lleguen a adultos vean a un héroe como papá. Bendiciones buen amigo

I'm so sorry man, I hope you find healing and happiness along the way. Breakups are terrible but to have kids in between...

You are strong, I feel it deep in your lyrics...So many people would crawl and give up but you are channelling it into the universe... the universe appreciates that...

About your ex, luckily no one can see our insecurities...try not to be alone too much...I know you'll do good