🎵 “Yanawana” (Original) - Live Music for Hive Open Mic 66

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Hive Open Mic ( #openmic ) is a global community celebrating live music on Hive. Each week is a new event, encouraging musicians to share songs with an international audience.


This song is an observation of the ocean, in parallel with this week's Hive Open Mic theme: "The Sea." I wrote this song by the seaside at a place called Mustang Island, on the Texas Gulf Coast. Pelicans and seagulls flew by. Waves caressed the shoreline. It occurred to me that all the waters of the world join as one body, meeting in the sea. All across the world, we share a single sun in a single sky, and a single sea, and these are examples of the oneness that we all share.

On a technical level, this song feels like a fair representation of what I've been working toward over the past few months. Last year, I transitioned from a full rock band to a solo musician, trying to carry the same songs, and that's what led me into looping, which allows me to record multi-layered tracks on-the-fly. In this process, I've experienced lots of trials and errors, and some breakthroughs too. This song is getting closer to my goal of achieving a rock band sound.


A new song, presented as a multitrack recording

Many winds belonging to a breeze
Many rivers flowing to a single sea

Hey Yahweh ohay yahna hawe hi [Yanawana]
Hey Yahweh ohay yahna hawe [hey-ney-yowe]

Roaring ocean rolling miles deep
Rushing water hushing us to rest and dream

Hey Yahweh ohay yahna hawe hi…

Living water giving song and verse
Raining down and welling up to fill our thirst

Hey Yahweh ohay yahna hawe hi…

This inheritance is ours to share
With seven generations of water bearers

Hey Yahweh ohay yahna hawe hi…




Hive Open Mic - Week 66 is underway right now, with the current theme: “The Sea.” We introduce new themes every Sunday, inviting musicians to share a common current. Musicians always have full freedom to bring whatever music feels inspired in the moment. There is still time to jump in and enjoy this week's Hive Open Mic event!


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Wonderful my dear @cabelindsay, it is remarkable the influence of the sea in your song and it is reflected in the music, we hope you can find the sound that your heart seeks for us to continue enjoying what you do, since it seems perfect and unique.

Aw, I cherish your comment. Thank you for seeing these virtues in the music I'm making. It really lights me up to be witnessed and to feel appreciated. Thank you for acknowledging me. I feel like I'm making progress through this practice, and it is a real joy every step of the way.

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I like your electric guitar, the song too. but, send me that guitar plz. XD

If you close your eyes, you can feel the ocean, the sand, the sun.

:) Happy you're seeing these pleasant visions in the music. Sending love and respect to you, friend.

Hermano me encanto este participacion y esta ecensia tan fresca que le das a tu musica. Tambien queria comentarte al respecto de postularme para tu equipo de curacion ya que veo las numerosas entradas y se que aveces es dificil poder visualisar y detallar detenidamente cada entrada. quisiera poder aportar mi grano de arena para este hermoso gran proyecto.

Oh my, yes, I am delighted to hear of your interest in teaming up with us. Yes! You are a bright and shining star, and it would be an honor to join forces with you in this way. I will talk to the other teammates and I'm sure they will all agree that you bring tremendous gifts. I'll be in touch. Sending hugs, and peace, and respect.

Oh, sí, estoy encantado de escuchar tu interés en formar un equipo con nosotros. ¡Sí! Eres una estrella brillante y resplandeciente, y sería un honor unir fuerzas contigo de esta manera. Hablaré con los demás compañeros y estoy seguro de que todos estarán de acuerdo en que traes grandes regalos. Estaré en contacto. Enviando abrazos, paz y respeto.

Amen hermano, los deseos son mutuos, Muchisimas bendiciones para todos...

The team and I talked about you joining us as a fellow moderator, and of course we unanimously agree that you are in! Welcome. I'll make an announcement to the community soon, and in the meantime I'll add you to our Discord conversation and all. Thank you so much for your willingness. I'm honored to team up with you in this way, brother. Here's a link where you can join our private Discord channel: https://discord.gg/hgwbgVQN.

El equipo y yo hablamos de que te uniste a nosotros como compañero moderador y, por supuesto, estamos de acuerdo unánimemente en que estás dentro. Bienvenidos. Pronto haré un anuncio a la comunidad y, mientras tanto, te agregaré a nuestra conversación de Discord y todo. Muchas gracias por tu disposición. Me siento honrado de formar un equipo contigo de esta manera, hermano. Aquí hay un enlace donde puede unirse a nuestro canal privado de Discord: https://discord.gg/hgwbgVQN.

en buena hora hermano... para mi sera un verdadero placer servir para usedes a bordo de esta maravillosa nave... y a los agregare al discord

Yanawana yanawana yanawana!
Nice sailing feeling, wavy rithm, and I like the fusion of xhamanic drum and electric guitar. Thks!

Oh, cannot leave without mension your graphic art for "Sea" & todays "Contemplation" I loved. Inspiring. Keep on up with the looping, you are doing great!

Aw, thank you for your compliments. I feel blessed by your friendship, and encouraged by your words. I'm grateful. Lots to learn in looping still, and the learning process is a joy.

Love the theme for thid ocassion, mate. I feel you..

Love the theme for this ocassion, mate. You soung gtreat.

Thanks brother. Wishing you a wonderful day.

great sound , you always take us some where special. I like the method recording tracks on the fly to get the live feel. I follow the same sort of method some times, I will record with the morning energy then return in the afternoon with some of that energy to add and mix in.
I realy enjoy you music. 🙏

Thanks a good idea to make a recording, and then return to it at another time with the energy of another moment. My watercolor painting style is like that too - taking it in stages to allow the first layer to settle in, and then apply another layer. It's good to relate with you, brother, and I'm excited for our kinship.

I liked your work very much, very original, excellent editing!!!! greetings!!!!

Me ha gustado mucho su trabajo, muy original excelente edicion!!! saludos!!!

You know how I would describe this??? reverent joy! hehehehe
I was caught up in the heart of it and dancing along with you in the video hehehehe

and that was a feat - because I was also working out while listening to you hehehehe so it was like it was driving me but also i wanted to stop and just watch! LOLOL

but i had to get my 10k steps in my 10am!!! so I couldn't stop! hahahahahaha

It was all very good - thank you for your uplifting music
I loved the message of it all.

You said the word was indigenous. What language was it?

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I had completely forgotten to comment on this one. What a good composition, I liked this very much, so much that if I cheer up soon I will cover it. This is the real spiritual song, those melodies transmit a lot. YANAWANA ooh