Oh my, I'm just now seeing this amazing highlights list you've assembled. Thank you @mipiano. It brings me so much joy seeing several musical gems that I missed during the week. I'm glad to catch up now, listening to some awesome performances here. To me, @tildy and @ubay0077 are two outstanding newcomers, as you've already noted. In fact, most of the people highlighted here are pretty new to our community, and I thank you for drawing special attention to them, giving them a warm welcome. Ooh, and I love seeing the diversity too! Thank you for your high-level awareness. Of course I'm flattered to find myself on your list here too, thank you for that. Thank you for all you do for all of us!

Hey Cabe, I am happy you can listen to those entries in case you missed someone. Yes, Matilda (tildy) came into community shining, I was very happy seeing her :)
As well, other newcomers and the old ones bringing value to the community with their persistence! ✨✨

You know, we have a new unofficial "section" in Hive Open Mic, hehehe, the electric guitar players, I tried to bring them together, who knows, maybe a great collaboration will come one day to the scene among all of them 🎸🎸🎸🎸

Me impresiona siempre ver que @cabelindsay tiene tanto talento jejeje esas ilustraciones me parecen adorables. Muy buena semana, gracias a todos.

I'm always impressed to see that @cabelindsay is so talented hehehe those illustrations look adorable to me. Great week, thank you all.

Sí, las ilustraciones de Cabe son geniales, siempre tan bonitas. Sí, semana buena, gracias por dar valor a esta comunidad con tu talento 😇

Thank you @mipiano and to hive open mic, i love this community so much, hope we will gather all best musician here

You are welcome @ubay0077
All did nice work, and we are all trying to improve from week to week 🎵 🎵
Thank you for being part of this community with your talent :)

Muchas gracias for mentioned in the beautiful highlights @mipiano ^_^ the songs of other openmic musicians are also wonderful, I like them all...

De nada @ipul27
Yes, all brought nice songs and there are even more outside of this post of course. I loved the story from your song, and that sweet tune you sang so well.
Heave a great week, looking forward to new entries this week ^_^

That was so amazing ^_^ glad to hear that... thanks well @mipiano


Creo que todas las semanas digo: ¡Esta ha sido la mejor semana!, jeje... Es inevitable, cada vez amo más a la comunidad Open Mic y todo el trabajo y cariño que se da y se recibe. Esta es una selección muy buena. Siempre disfruto tus posts porque a veces se me escapan personas de un idioma distinto al mío, por enfocarme en los de habla hispana. Gracias por compartir 😘

Jejeje, sí, cada semana es la mejor hasta ahora :D
Gracias por tus palabras, motivan a seguir adelante 🙌

Fue una semana espectacular! Gracias estimada @mipiano por la mención en este post, todos estuvieron geniales.

Tienes razón, todos estuvieron geniales, y vosotros más :) Acabo de ver vustra participacion da le semana actual, ooooooooow, bonitoooooo 🎶

Thank you for stopping by :)

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