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RE: 🎵 “Get In The Boat” (Original) - Live Music for Hive Open Mic 61

in Hive Open Mic6 months ago

That is an excellent comparison, Noah's Ark as a beginning of a new world.

About the effects in the song, I liked the loop and music, the multilayer image effects too, but maybe you can try in a plain background, ei the picture on the wall maybe take off, just an idea...

Oh, the preparation, yeah, sometimes we complicate too much, but it because we want to improve and try out new things and it is good. However, if it is leading to stress situation, then it is better not to complicate. Yes, perfectly matches the weeks topic, try and retry, so next week you will retry :)


Yeah, that painting definitely doesn't work with the effect I'm trying to achieve. Thanks for pointing that out. I had a lot of fun playing with all of the equipment, setting myself up to play in a new way, with a slightly more sophisticated setup. Great learning experience.