I agree with you in all your statements - lot of talented people on hive, and it is good to have this space, yes. You are a great one too, and I was happy when you started to participate. Thanks for taking part in this event @starstrings01 🎶🎶

Smiles… one of the reasons I started participating was because I saw it as a medium to grow and develop in my guitar skills.

Hopefully, I would try my best to be more active engaging within the community.

I know you are engaging through the platform, no worries, and you are bringing your nice engagement here too! You rock with onboarding people, teaching and inspiring others! It is just to see your smile, everything is easier then :)))

Yeah, thank you very much for your nice words. Those activities keeps me busy but nowadays, I have began to see that I comment very much lesser than I used. I want to create more relationships and get to meet more people than I always know.

We all have phases, and it mainly depends on our time what is left after (and before :D ) hours of work, school, studies, family and all. Also , it depends on general activity here in Hive, and on content. But yes, I resonate with you, I would like to be more active too and still meet many hivers:)) Even if I sometimes spend lot more time writing some comments, then maybe prepare a post hahaha, but it is great, the interaction and what it brings. You never know who is behind an avatar, sometimes there is no real thing you can say or receive, but other times we find so like-minded people and that engagement and interaction becomes the feeling that drives us, right?

Yeah exactly, the engagement and interaction brings the drive. Just like the one we both are doing now 😊

🙃 smile, like-minded musician friend 👈