What the heck is Luke is Alive?

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Hello Buzzy Bees!

This was supposed to be merged with the vlog doing the Luke is Alive Weekly but it turned out so long that I will separate into 2 posts!

And since this part is important it makes sense to be isolated!

As I say on the vlog, Luke is Alive has mainly two goals: build your Brand through content creation here on Hive by sharing your Affiliate Marketing journey with the Scavenger Hunt inside Click Track Profit, and build your List by generating traffic to your Lead Capture Pages while finding Luke the Listbuilder on the Traffic Exchanges inside the Scavenger Hunt!

By creating posts about your journey and your scavenger hunts, depending on what you share, you will earn tickets for the Daily and Weekly drawings. The more tickets you get, the better chances to win!


Here's what you can add to your posts to earn up to 12 tickets a day:

Each time you find Luke - 1 ticket
Complete Scavenger Hunt - 6 tickets (you can do as much scavenger hunts you want but for the drawing only will count one scavenger hun)
Adding video - 2 tickets
Write 250 words - 1 ticket
Write 500 words - 1 ticket
Sharing your Lead Capture Page - 1 ticket
Sharing your tracking results - 1 ticket

And, of course, be creative on your posts, especially your title! That's where your reputation starts! If you don't have an attention-grabbing title, people will not open your posts and probably won't upvote! As well as the post itself has to be interesting and/or informative, so people can enjoy reading and can't wait for more! Engagement is important!

As Comment Moderator, I will be rewarding your comments on the Daily and Weekly Drawings, as well as comments from your posts with ENGAGE Tokens!

Don't forget to add #lukeisalive and #ctp on the first 5 tags so @lukeisalive can find you and also for you to earn CTP Tokens!

Shout out to our Game Master @maddogmike and our Creator @flaxz for everything they have been doing so far and for everyone who still keeps Luke alive!

Don't forget to join our Telegram Group so you can share your posts as well there in case we miss them on Discord - Click Here

Hope this helps to bring more awareness to this community and more people join us soon :)

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For many weeks on many feeds I've been seeing posts for either "Luke is Alive," "I am Alive," or "We are Alive." Your post is the first one I've found which gives even a partial explanation for why tose posts are made.

I leave this comment as someone investigating the origins of this movement and the We Are Alive tribe. What events began this movement? How did the tribe come to be? Who qualifies to be part of the tribe? For any information or direction you can provide, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

Thank you so much for the yummy pizza!
Well..it all started as a challenge. I Am Alive Challenge was created during the first lockdown. The idea was to turn on the habit of creating content everyday by expressing positivity and gratitude that we are alive even with all the mess in the world. Luke is Alive was created later on inspired on the ClickTrackProfit training platform (that is where CTPTalk tribe comes from btw) for affiliate marketing and online business mixed with the habit of creating content through Luke the Listbuilder - this I believe I talked on the video (sorry it's been a while lol). Later on @flaxz, the creator of I Am Alive, and with so many people joining the I Am Alive and other things, come up with the idea of a community, and after gathering up all what's needed for it, the tribe was born. If you want to know more follow him, he is the tribe leader. As for Luke is Alive, you can follow @maddogmike :)
It seems that I'm showing up as a Moderator of Luke is Alive but I'm not anymore, but I'm here to help anyway!
Hope this helps!


Thank you for the PIZZA as well!

I am Alive came about from concern for people at the start of the COVID-19 "restrictions" we've been enduring in some form or other. That makes sense.

Luke is Alive is the same as I am Alive, only it is used for maketing purposes as described by ClickTrackProfft. This I wouldn't havee guessed, but I should look into that more.

We are Alive is the tribe for people participating in the IAAC.

Is it safe to say that the We are Alive tribe is not a general-topics tribe? Or it is for general topics as long as it meets requirements for expressing positivity and gratitude? If I decide to make posts are any of these places, I don't want to be flagged for spam; that's another reason I want to know what's expected of me before I post.

For now, I will follow "@"flaxz and "@"maddogmike. Thanks again for your help and explanations.

I found a guide about the tribe that might help.
I understand that you want to know more so you can respect the tribe and tag accordingly so thank you for that and coming here and ask questions!
I believe is more of your second option but better confirm with the guide :)

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@elianaicgomes! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @magnacarta.

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Wow that is a really great explanation of how the Luke Is Alive contest works @elianaicgomes, thanks a lot for doing it, and I would even suggest that @maddogmike pins it in the Luke Is Alive Community, keep up your great work, it's awesome.

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Thank you so much Mister Awesome! Just me keeping Luke Alive 😁