Mystery Objects In Deep Space

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Team of deep space researchers trying to go where no telescope ever reached, this advanced telescope reached
What they saw is surprised them, shocked them
They observed some mystery objects which are lurking in deep space, in hidden space
Deep space is evolving, these objects are evolving.

Studying about galaxies and universe, full of surprises universe
Expecting for unimaginable discoveries, they are eager to announce and write about these discoveries
If research evolves, humans evolves
If new study founds, new theory of life founds.

These objects are radio waves, in deep space lurking radio waves
What more is hiding in deep space, which secrets will be revealed of deep space
Whole world is waiting, extention of period of waiting
Let's wait and let's hope for some spectacular discoveries, whole new chapter of discoveries.

Data of radio waves are constantly collected, constantly processed
Looking for mystery patterns, different patterns
Space is dipped into structured pattern, voice of space is pattern
View of deep space, mystery objects in deep space.

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