Baby Yoda Learns about Cars and How to Drive

Adventures of Baby Yoda

He learns about cars and how to drive!

Welcome back to another Baby Yoda Adventure. Baby Yoda does a lot like taking care of his mommas Mustang and he even tries to drive it!

Hey mom! What's this fancy starship?

Baby Yoda wonders what this does.

No Baby Yoda you can't drive that way!!

Much better Baby Yoda. I have a surprise for you!

Yay he got himself a new shirt to match the starship!

Now Baby Yoda cleans it all up!

He feels accomplished! I am tired out. Who knew taking care of Baby Yoda was such hard work!

All photos taken by me on my Nikon D3400 in various settings, edited in LR.




Wow..!! That's Mustang 5.0 ❤
I'm so jealous of the Baby. But he is great on his adventure. He is lucky to be with a Mustang mommy 👌

I'm lucky to have him!!! Did you see his other adventure when he went to his first car show?? He even begged another mustang owner for food!!! Lol

Woo he is such a lucky guy 👌

Aww such a cutie! I wonder if he would need some cool sunglasses just to make the driving sessions much nicer. I bet baby yoda doesn't want sun wrinkles😂

Lol. I will see if he wants to go shopping for some!

Actually learning to drive a car with Mustang is really huge luck for this baby Yoda...Pictures are great but the Mustang looks greater...

Have a nice day...

Lol thanks! I actually learned to drive in a 5 speed Mustang many many moons ago.. I have way too much fun with Baby Yoda and my car!

Upvoted & re-hived! For Baby Yoda and the SICK Mustang!

😁😁❤❤ thanks!! Adventures will still be rolling out! This is way too much fun!

That is such a Cool Yoda. Welcome to the Hive Star Wars Community

Thanks!!! We went to a car show / meet today and he jumped on another mustang. I think he was looking for a chickie sammich lol lol

I am wondering when Baby-Chewi is getting his moment of belly-stroking 😁.

Lol.... I'm getting so many ideas thrown at me!! I have a buddy with a white mustang... I'm trying to convince him to get a storm trooper for his car... I'm not tok sure whose car in our clan that could pull off a chewie

Clearly then, you and Baby Yoda have great tastes, since you're both driving a Mustang with a 5.0 V8, and a stick-shift! A very bold, and fantastic configuration. Note to Baby Yoda, don't crash it!

Thanks for sharing :-)

Baby Yoda Happy and made a grand debut last night at our car meet

Wow, he's learned to drive how to drive that quickly 😆! Is that pink spring just for keeping the bonnet (hood) up, or did Baby Yoda yank that from someone else's car? Complements to him, and I hope you're all doing well, and staying safe!

He jacked it from a new jeep wrangler!! He was seeing if he could use the force to help it hold the hood up lol

Lol, if it was from a Wrangler, it might be a bit overkill XD

But he still managed to carry that heavy set of coils over, so he must be a pretty strong bastard!

I'm still not over baby Yoda cuteness... I recorded a draft of The mandalorian theme cover but saving it for when they premiere season 2