Avenger - Zinnecker ( Onride POV ) [ Fun & Food Mannheim 2021 ]

Avenger - Zinnecker

Avenger Zinnecker_000000.jpeg

An onride POV video from Avenger - Zinnecker at the Pop Up Park Fun & Food in Mannheim 2021 ➡ fare: 5 €Ein Onride POV Video vom Avenger - Zinnecker auf dem Pop Up Park Fun & Food in Mannheim 2021 ( Germany ) ➡ Fahrpreis: 5 €


Technische Daten

Hersteller: KMG (NL)
Typ: Inversion
Baujahr: 2013
Maße (BxTxH): H max. 26 m
Kapazität: 12 Personen

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Hello @speed-ride. Wow, that Avenger ride looks like fun. I never allowed my children and grandchildren to go on the amusement rides at night.

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks. So here in Germany the journeys are faster than during the day. then of course this is not the case for small children