I finally got my Hivefest hotel booking

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Hivefest 2022 is coming towards our direction in a fast pace and you should be there as well if you haven't been as yet! You haven't heard of Hivefest organised by @roelandp as yet? Well, check out the original website https://hivefe.st for all of the details, programming, and everything else what is going on.

The bottom line is, it is a really nice hang out to meet your fellow Hive-ers for a bit and listen to all of the new development around the chain which is going on.

Now I have gotten my ticket a while ago which I wrote about in this post about getting a good deal on the minnow tickets, now the next project was to get a place to sleep in Amsterdam at these dates.

The conclusion for staying in Amsterdam as a tourist in September, it's a serious rip-off. But that is just reality of every place to stay at the moment in Holland with the inflation situation, it applies to hotels, food, drinks and anything else.

So I was hunting around for different hotels in the area and honestly, Hivefest does have one of the better deals with the discount in the advised hotels if you are a lazy ass like me.

For other options, also check the 'Hive on a shoestring post for nice ideas on what else you can do to budget your Hivefest experience.

Unfortunately the reality about staying somewhere in Holland is, that even when you leave the capital and stay somewhere outside the city zone, it is no guarantee on that this is a lot cheaper.

Public transport in Holland is good and super functionable (read this post from @soyrosa which contains so many tips and tricks about public transport in Holland and how to use it. Thx for the mental reminder to get a new OV chip card as my last one broke in the train last week. It is just a lot easier to have one of these cards versus paying every tram ride at the driver.


One thing to remember about Dutch trains which is to me really important and the main reason why I still ended up getting a hotel. Trains in the Netherlands are just not cheap at all. As in, if I would not come take a place to stay in a hotel but go back home every day commuting back and forth, it would also cost a lot. Not as much as the hotels indeed, but what I am saying is that it is not for free.

Especially if you decide with a group to stay somewhere out of town to budget a bit, consider the costs of the train especially if you have to multiply it for more people.

Yes, there is also Uber but my Amsterdam uber experience is also that this is not the Polish prices in Krakow you have to think about. These are all just kind reminders that stuff in Holland isn't for free at all unfortunately :(

So after my search and internal debate if I all found this fair and reasonable to do, I must admit that it was kind of a daunting experience looking for alternatives because all of these are also all really expensive.

It is cool that there is a fund like @t-r-f for people who come way further than I do, to get some travel reimbursements. I hope they also make some more posts so people can vote on them for a bit of additional reimbursement (hint, hint)


Now that I have pressed yes on the hotel-pay-button and accepted that it is gonna cost it is time for the real jippie-we-are-attending-kind-of-fun! The names of the conference venues are out, a lot of the speakers names are out. Heck, I can feel the energy starting to flow.

I guess it should be time for more road to hivefest posts, and more about Amsterdam in general for the people who haven't been here before. So get your Hivefest ticket, get your Volkshotel booking so we can all have drinks in the lobby at night and get prepared!


Enjoy your stay , no place like Mokum 😁

Hehehe the friet-eters on the way to Mokum..yeaaahh

Congrats! Excited for you!

Super siked now everything is finished and ready to go. Are we seeing us there? Are you around?

Unfortunately I'm not gonna make it to the event this year :/

Yay! 🤗
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