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With the silly season starting this time of the year, and people going a bit nuts, especially the criminal element, they seem to crawl out of the woodwork from nowhere ready to pounce on their prey.
Well!...a few days ago there was a hijacking in our neighborhood; which triggered a rather dark spot in my memory box; taking me back a few years to the night my friend Charmain's husband Cyril was hijacked in their driveway at gun point.

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We had just settled down after dinner to watch our favorite Soapy, when the phone rang around 8.30pm.
At first I didn't recognize the distraught voice on the other end of the line, it took me a good few seconds to realize it was my friend Charmaine.
"Cyril has been shot", she cried out amid the sobbing. "I need to get to the hospital now!".
I felt my heart skip a beat, as calmly as possible, I told her we're on our way. I yelled at Peter to grab the car keys, we have to take Charmaine to the hospital, Cyril's been shot: my mind was in overdrive and not in any state to answer questions; I didn't know at that point how bad the situation was, only that there was great urgency to get her and Nolan, her son to the hospital in a hurry, we lived in the same neighborhood, so we could get there fast.

We drove in semi-silence with the odd word spoken here and there. Charmaine didn't know all the details, only what the police had told her over the phone, the Hijackers had driven him to a near by Township where they had left him for dead after shooting him a couple of times and he was on his way to the hospital by ambulance.

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As we stopped in front of the Hospital the ambulance arrived and were busy wheeling Cyril into the emergency room, his face was grey and he was in and out of consciousness, by this time he had lost a lot of blood and was very weak.
Charmaine and Nolan followed the Paramedics into the Emergency room, Peter and I waited in the waiting area, we both felt so helpless, all I could do was pray that all would be well with the Rutters family.
I saw Charmaine and Nolan in the distance chatting to the Surgeon, then they made their way back to us.
Cyril had lost a lot of blood, the miscreants had shot him six times in both legs.
The doctors didn't know the extent of the damage at that stage, would only find out after the operation.
The night seemed endless, after loads of coffee and nail biting the operation was finally over and according to the Surgeons, the surgery went well, they were amazed on how the bullets missed his main arteries and went straight through muscle in the legs.
"It's a miracle", the Doctor said with a big smile on his face, "He's a very lucky man".
He was so right, it could have been so much worse.

The only concern the Doctors had was his ability to walk again.

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All I could do is be there for my dearest friend and console her the best I could.
After a few days, I went with Charmaine to visit Cyril, he was in good spirit, which was amazing I thought after what he had been through physically and mentally.

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A clip of the Hijacking in the local News Paper. (He was shot six times not seven times)

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Cyril told us a piece of his terrible ordeal, how he had crawled down a bank to hide from the criminals after they had emptied the gun into his legs and how he had lain there in the dark for hours trying not to pass out, when an angel had come to his rescue in the form of a local little boy of around 10 years old, who had called his mother who was a nurse and his older brother a youth leader.
He went on to say how they had kept him warm and comfortable keeping him awake by talking to him until the ambulance arrived. He also said they had been to visit him everyday to see how he was doing, he was over whelmed by their concern and kindness. After all he was a total stranger to them, but they didn't see it that way.
It just goes to show, in the chaos of life, there is always the good in people. I like to think there are more good humans than bad ones in this crazy world we live in. In that craziness, there is still humanity and kindness I believe.

Cyril came home after a few weeks, there were quite a few challenges and adjustments to make emotionally and financially due to loss of income as a lecturer at the Mangosuthu Buthelezi University in Kwa Zulu Natal, also having to learn to walk again.
He was determined and very positive, being a strong man of faith, after a few months of therapy and perseverance, Cyril was walking around as if nothing had ever happened, only the scars on his legs remained.

Cyril's book.jpg
Cyril has written a book about his experience and what he had went through and how he over came it. It is such a heart warming story of courage and hope.
The book can be purchased at Take-a-lot, Amazon and Kindle.

My post was written from my point of view, with the permission of my friends Cyril and Charmaine Rutters.

The book has more detail to what happened to Cyril that fateful night.
Be kind to each other, it costs nothing.
Thank you for allowing me to share my story with you.

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 2 months ago  

I remember that so clearly my friend, I actually thought that he was also shot in the stomach?
It was awful as they highjacked & abducted him right at his gate!
But thank goodness that little boy found him, he must be a grown man by now. That family really were his guardian angels as that is a crime ridden area that's even worse today!
Cyril is an amazing person and so is his wife Charmaine, a very special couple who have touched many lives!

 2 months ago  

He was only shot in his upper thighs and above his knee, I think the person who had the gun and shot him was a bad shot, he was aiming for his stomach, thank goodness he missed. Yes, they are two special people.
Thanks for stopping by @lizelle, have a great day.

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Wow, what a terrible ordeal particularly for Cyril, and for his family and good friends to go through. Isn't it amazing how wonderful earth angels appears at the right time in our lives as they did for Cyril. It cements the goodness in human beings, there are many good people out there. Thank you your heart warming story @artywink, I felt emotional reading your post. ❤️
It would have been very cathartic healing for Cyril writing his story. It sounds highly interesting and thank you for the details.

 2 months ago  

Thank you so much @angiemitchell , it was a terrible ordeal, he is an amazing man of faith and bears no grudges at all. The only scars that remain are on his legs. Thank you for stopping by.

Cyril was walking around as if nothing had ever happened, only the scars on his legs remained.

What a chilling incident, I imagine it left a scar in everyone's heart as well.

I know you guys must be 'used to' living under such an environment but it must be worrying to know that it can happen to anyone and anytime. Stay safe!

 2 months ago  

Thank you @livinguktaiwan so much, unfortunately in South Africa we have a lot of crime, we have such a beautiful country and beautiful people, I truly love them with all my heart. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post.