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RE: Wicked Whirlwind Weekend

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Sweet baby Jesus, Lizelle!! @lizelle A more decadent milkshake I have never seen!!

A belated Happy Women's Day to you! I cannot believe I forgot it yesterday, I thought about it week ago. So nice to have the kids flying by, even with the sadness, sometimes good company is the best. I'm sure your warmth made her feel better. So many of you silver sweethearts have the warmest ways, embracing my own heart. ❤️

The food is undeniably yummy looking!! I'm so jelly!

Your sister-in-law is amazing! Bless her heart! Good luck to the long distancers!!

 6 months ago  

Hi Denise, great to see you, sweet lady!
Well as for that decadent milkshake, first time ever - I did not know whether to eat or drink it & if I was a child, that glass would have been licked clean of salted caramel & white choc dust! I don't think I'll order that for a very long time as it was way too rich!🥰

 6 months ago  

Sometimes I try to get the people to make a smaller version of it, although my brain tells me that I could handle the big one. NOT. I wanted to say a spoon might have been good, but, soon realized that you would need a straw.

It is thankfully Friday and the weekend is upon us. I hope you have a most peaceful night. xo