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RE: Freshwater or Sea Fisherman?

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Nice post @lizelle, we love fishing. I started fishing when I was 7 years old. I would go with my older brother and fish the river . Then as I got older, I met a new neighbor who liked to fish also. She and I would spend hours lake fishing.
Oh yes, fishing is a great way to enjoy nature and possibly catch dinner.

 5 days ago  

Wow so you also fished! I used to watch them and do the cleaning, scaling and gutting them so that part all went back into the sea. Later on as a teen I'd hang out with my new holiday friends. Mom loved fishing though!
It is a great way to enjoy nature indeed, and the bonus of course was when there was something for the pan😉

 4 days ago  

Hey Lizzie, yup I love to fish, but I do NOT clean them. When I was young my brother did that, now the sweed takes care of it. But I will gladly grill them up. Good eating.
Amazing what's happening with #hive, things are looking good. Yipee!

 4 days ago  

Yep it's been quite a week for Hive!
As for cleaning fish, it's funny how that's one job I don't mind as long as it's done by the fishing waters, but I hate working with raw meat so am very very fussy where I buy it.
Hive has certainly been crazy, just fabulous 🥳🥳🥳