Pizza for a Purpose and some pretty on the side

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We had an impromptu pizza night last night. Happily, one of my possible potentials has become a reality. Managing the social media for this new establishment. It has had a somewhat messy birth the onboarding process has required dealing with and managing some of that afterbirth.

We'll get there, and I will probably share a little more as we settle into things over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, and for @nikv in particular, some more aloe pics.

More aloes. They really are showing off this year. The hybrids in the garden haven't quite hit their best, so expect more.

Our quiver tree in bloom. The best show ever on the three years that it has flowered. We brought it from Cape Town, so it's been in that spot about 9 years.

Until next time, be well
The Sandbag House
McGregor, South Africa

Photo: Selma

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Congratulations of landing this account. They have hired the right person, and you may find yourself eating a lot more pizza in the future.
I never realized that aloe plants grew such a beautiful flower.

Thank you! You are very kind. Clinton has a whole lot more than pizza on the menu! I hope to eat more than just pizza...🤣

I'm so happy for you Fiona, they are very fortunate having you doing their marketing! And...that aloe is absolutely stunning!
Pizza & beer looks really great.
Have a fabulous weekend, hope the weather is kinder!

 last month  

That looks so delicious, @fionasfavourites. thanks for sharing.

 last month  

I've never seen an aloe flower before! Spectacular!

Those two photos make the place look intriguing. Good luck!

Aloes are indigenous to this part of the world. There are 100s of different ones. All beautiful in their own ways.

Thanks for stopping by!

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