Introducing the Silver Bloggers’ Blog of the Week, and the topic for the week ending Monday 31st May 2021

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Authored by @fionasfavourites


Last week, @lizelle, the driving force behind the Silver Bloggers community, announced some interesting developments. One of these was a weekly contest for a “top” blog post around a weekly topic.

To be precise, this is what she said:

Topic of the Week Bonus

From next week we will be offering a prize to the blog of the week which will be chosen by seasoned judges. The prize will be 50% of the week's Curation Post rewards.

The panel

Let’s begin with the panel of international judges, all of whom have been around the block…chain for a while. At the helm, of course is our fearless leader, Lizelle, supported by fellow South African, @papilloncharity, from the US, talented writer and author, @ericvancewalton and bringing up the rear, @fionasfavourites. We may, as the initiative grows, draw in the help of other Silver Bloggers, either as guest judges or to choose the weekly topic.

To keep things fair, the judges’ posts about any of the weeks’ themes are not eligible for prizes.

How to enter your post for the Blog of the Week (#BoW)

  1. Posts must be in English and obviously centre on the week’s topic.
  2. Prose must be a minimum of 350 words. If it’s a photo or graphic essay, the photos must be your original work and preferably with some sort of back-story to the images.
  3. The blog must be posted in/from our community and tagged your post #BoW - blog of the week.
  4. Share the link to your post in the comments of this post.


The contest closes at midnight GMT (also known as UTC) on Monday 31st May 2021 and the winners will be announced later the following week.

Winners and winning

So, you’re asking, how are the winners picked, and what happens if my post wins? Other than bragging rights, of course?

Although members of the judges' the panel may decide to contribute to the topic of the week, none of their posts will be eligible to get a #bow.

Selecting the Blog of the Week

Although there is a a panel of judges, we believe that everyone's contribution will have value.

Picking an outright winner will be a challenge. None of us really wants that pressure. So -

The process

The panel will select the top three posts - it will be a consensus decision. Those three account names will go into a nifty online random pick tool that @traciyork told us about and, ta-da! there will be a winner.

Prizes and the prize pool

Each week, the winner will receive 50% of the liquid rewards on the post announcing the winning post and the new topic. We will use the to distribute the winnings which makes it easy, fair and transparent.

To begin with, the prizes will be necessarily small but as our community and the account grows, so will the prizes. In time, we may add more prizes to the challenge.

Building the prize pool

Anyone can help to build the prize pool by both upvoting the curation (winners' announcement) posts, and by building the community account. You can do this in two ways (one or both or either... ):

  • delegate to the account using the nifty table at the end of this post (or directly through your wallet)
  • add the community account to your fanbase so that you can autovote the Silver Bloggers community account (@hive-106316).

A reminder about the HiveVote dashboard -

  • it allows you to set the frequency and value of an autovote and,
  • you can choose the RC level at which it stops voting for you until your RCs are recharged.

The curation post(s)

The curation post announcing the winners will be published a few days after the closing date and will -

  • include a link the winning post,
  • the panel may also choose profile other outstanding contributions (all of which gets you bragging rights and eyes on your blog)
  • announce the topic for the next #BoW challenge

This also means that the Blog of the Week initiative will effectively run every second week.

Topic for this week (ending 31 May 2021)

This week's topic was selected by @fionasfavourites (in future it'll be a panel decision), and she's chosen something that covers a multitude of sins leaves it wide open to your imagination:

silver threads among the gold

We look forward to your entries.
Have fun!

The Silver Boggers' BOW team

Help to build the prize pool by delegating and build the Silver Bloggers’ community

We’d like to be able to support our members and grow this community. Help us do this with a delegation?
You can either do it yourself, or pick an amount from the table below. Of course you can remove the delegation any time you please.

Come and join our Silver Bloggers community


And, thank you in advance


Wishing you a very Happy Birthday dearest Lizelle.
Glad to be a part of the first contest.
Here is my entry

 28 days ago 

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes @pandamama and the beautiful entry!

Hope you had a lovely day and its a milestone to have the competition start on you birthday - nice memory

Beautiful photos dear friend @pandamama, those silver threads make you stand out very well.

Thank you for your kind compliments @isabelpena. I'm enjoying my "silver" hair

 27 days ago (edited)

There was something wrong with the link, am adding the correct one as it's too good not to be seen:
This is the my contribution to the weekly "Silver thread amongst the Gold" thank you @hive-106316 and all who are involved for giving me this opportunity to participate in the contest.

 29 days ago 

Haha I love that mop of silver😉


 last month 

What would have happened to this old Silver Blond without a super efficient admin, thank you so much @fionasfavourites for setting this up and to @traciyork for helping with the randomizer, as I would not want to be the one to choose the best. We have many talented content creators here in #silverbloggers, looking forward to those entries!

Happy birthday Lizelle and wish you and the team all the best with your new blogging contest!

You have some top helpers with you in the form of @fionasfavourites and @traciyork and team work really does make the dreams work from my experience of @yourtop3 so go geddit!

I've set up my account to follow the community account

 last month 

Awe thank you @nickyhavey, I really appreciate the warm wishes for my birthday and the encouragement with the contest😊 One cannot run something like this as a one man band show for sure and I'm truly blessed to have Fiona as the #silverbloggers Admin. She deserves ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ and a big performance bonus for all the hard work she's put into this, effortlessly and gracefully like a true pro.
Thank you also for following our #silverbloggers account 🤗

One cannot run something like this as a one man band show for sure

100% agree. You will drive yourself insane and probably push people away if you don't have a great team around you - I second that about Fiona! Great person to have on the team!

Thank you @nickyhavey, for the good wishes and the support. Both are much appreciated. untitled.gif

A little birdie told me it was your special day, so just dropping in to wish you a very Happy Birthday! Glad @fionasfavourites is helping with the project here as I know how much these things truly are a team effort. Making silver look good, ladies! ;)

 last month (edited)

Yes, they are, and the @yourtop3 team of yourself, @nickyhavey, @cheese4ead and @foxyspirit set the bar for team work. I hope we can, if not emulate, at least follow the lead.

I think it's kinda neat that the first initiative out of @lizelle's brainchild launches on her birthday...

Thanks for stopping by and we look forward to your contribution...


Haha, well at least you know to look for help from @nickyhavey if the Silver team needs some spreadsheet assistance. ;)

Ah yes, I have his number.... 🤣

@fionasfavourites - I should probably change that 😂

Oh? Like I harrass you daily? 🤣🤣

Thanks for the mention Fiona! I'm sure you fine young specimens will be setting a new bar as you go along!

Thank you for the encouragement!

 last month 

I'm so blessed to have you as our admin and also thought it very neat that #bow starts on my birthday🤩

 last month 

Awe thank you Katie, so sweet of you :)
There was so much talking going on in getting this off the ground but our super efficient (superwoman) @fionasfavourites just got on with the job like a real pro!
Wish you were closer to silver but methinks it's still a long time;)

Fiona is a fantastic ally to have on your side, for a number of reasons. And you are very welcome. Hope you get to enjoy your day. 🤗

 last month 

That I know! My birthday lasted a couple of days as we still don't want to have big get togethers, quite tiring when you reach the Silver stage, but it was lovely 😍

As just said on Twitter Happy Birthday dear @Lizelle, may Health and Happiness be with you every single day.



 last month 

Awe thank you for the warm wishes and the beautiful flowers @johannpiber, you are too kind, really appreciate it; had a busy but lovely day🤗

You're most welcome, @Lizelle, have a great Tuesday 🤗

!PIZZA and !BEER - sounds like a nice dinner :)



@lizelle! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @johannpiber.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at

@johannpiber denkt du hast ein Vote durch @investinthefutur verdient!
@johannpiber thinks you have earned a vote of @investinthefutur !

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@johannpiber denkt du hast ein Vote durch @investinthefutur verdient!
@johannpiber thinks you have earned a vote of @investinthefutur !

 last month 

Thank you for this effort Lady @fionasfavourites and also to @traciyork for the help.
You have certainly picked an interesting topic and we look forward to the entries.

You are most welcome! Yes, looking forward to the entries 😄

 last month 

My pleasure and let's see how it does.

 last month 

...and I must thank you @papilloncharity for your suggestion of getting Fiona to take up the admin role! You know how to spot talent hey;)

 last month 

A Happy Birthday to you Laddy Lizzy and like I said on Twitter, may you have tons more.

Fiona bribed me for the Admin job, as we have decided to join the politicians 🤣
Not really as she is indeed very talented and she lives in the same province as us, so I am biased 😉

Marain also wishes you and she said that she hopes somebody else cooks for you today.
DO NOT accept a quick meal from the Fish and Chips shop as nobody else might have your cooking skills 🤣


 last month 

Haha that's a good one, our politicians really are the worst!
Thank you so much to you & Marian for the good wishes but I still had to do the cooking, had my birthday lunch on Sunday and last night fish was on the menu but not from the fish & chips shop😉
Blessings to you and your lovely Lady Marian🤗

 29 days ago 

Sorry that I only answer now Lady Lizzy, but it's now almost 5pm and our whole day was taken up by a partner charity. I managed to sneak into a garden on our way back and you can see the photos in my post. We are at the launching stage of two big projects and I work on it even past midnight to get everything in order.

Shame, if you were here I would never have allowed you to cook on your birthday, but then again that's just me Lol.
Hope that you gad a great birthday, as you certainly deserve it.

Blessings also to you guys.

You have certainly picked an interesting topic and we look forward to the entries.

Really? they picked an interesting topic?

Holy cow! and I'm here still in the lookout to know what exactly is that topic. LoL

Well, "silver threads among the gold" are really much what you please... let your imagination go!

@fionasfavourites are you by chance implying that 4hrs ago when I made my comment here, actually no one gave us a hint thru the entire post of what the week’s topic really was about?

Phew! wadda relief. Seems like there is a tiny possibility that I'm not totally blind... yet. :)

You decide. Here's a snippet...😉


Thank you! :)

Yeah! I read the post from the UI. And now I come to realize that that "silver threads among the gold" sentence was not a simple headline unrelated to the actual week’s topic.

Perhaps because you forgot to highlight or enclose the phrase between quotation marks or something. LoL };)

Ok. That's useful. The different UIs render diffently on different platforms. Lesson learned.


 last month 

Greetings and glad that we got this one sorted out @por500bolos 👍
We learn as we go and then people wants to tell us that we are old hahahah.

Cheers and !BEER

Hahaha yeah, the older we get, the more often we wonder if we are not already losing old faculties before the unforeseen.

Thanks for the beer buddy. I hope it can enhance & improves my eyesight. :)

 29 days ago 

Hahaha, I think that I have lost those faculties a long time ago my friend.
Even today I was told that I am eccentric Lol.

Here's another !BEER for you and hope that it helps with the eyes 🤣

Hey @por500bolos, here is a little bit of BEER from @papilloncharity for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Hey @por500bolos, here is a little bit of BEER from @papilloncharity for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

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It took me a pretty long time to read the TOPIC section, and that was due to the flashing of the horizontal bar separators. Just some thing to think about maybe changing, as I age my eyes do not work as well as they used to. I am sure there may be a few others like me that are in their silver years have problems with the flashing bars.

Sorry about the happy flashers! We'll take your advice under advisement... The long route to the topic was deliberate this time to get folk to read what it's all about and how it works. Look forward to your contribution!

Happy birthday @lizelle !!!🎂🎂

 last month 

Thank you @livinguktaiwan 🤗

Sheesh! Excellent, superb, outstanding. But above all, surprising and astonishing. Because I am actually a silver chap. And now I'm wondering if it's because I'm already too silverish or if it's because I'm already going blind that for the life of me I was unable to see about what the heck is the week’s topic after so much blahblahblah in this announcement. Holy cow! and thinking that I've read this post from top to bottom five times. Hahahaha

Short version:

Topic: silver threads among the gold

The long blah blah is because it's the introduction and we needed to set the ground rules.

Look forward to your contribution!

The long blah blah is because it's the introduction and we needed to set the ground rules.

Thanks! Understood!

Yeah, I've already addressed the confusion I was having in my reply to your previous comment above. :)

 last month 

Happy Belated Birthday @lizelle, I hope you had a wonderful day.
Go #silverblogers, I like the contest idea with a theme.

 29 days ago 

Thank you @farm-mom, look forward to your entry;)

Never on song, always out of tune, appears I am late to the party again, yikes those Durbanites...

Hope you had a fantastic day, I guessed as much reading your visit to Waves in Umkomaas may have been something special, well it looked great!

Busy with a theme of my own still gathering momentum, will join in somewhere along the line @lizelle and the #silverbloggers Teamworks.