This Isn't March, Or Is It?

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March to me means hot summer which equates to holiday or vacation time. It's town fiestas, graduation, blowouts, school breaks, hence family outings. That had been how it was for as long as I can remember. It changed however these recent years when school summer breaks was pushed to July post pandemic. My brother was lamenting on Friday that it's been so long since we had gone on a summer getaway as a family. "Been 3 years," I said.

The usually warm and hot March is no more this year. Well, at least here in our side of town. Days had become rather odd with sudden temperature changes, freezing ones especially around late afternoon (4 pm) until 10-11 am the next morning. And with just ten days left for the month, it makes me wonder if we will ever get to experience the March we used to know where we are able to use thin bed covers and blankets, wear short shorts and T-shirts day or night.

On most days this month, I've been wearing gloves while on my computer because the cold is quite unbearable. Never done that on a March in the previous years!

Last year's March was a lot warmer. It was actually hot that made me sweat quite a lot. And on the 10th while trying to tie my not-so-long hair, a sudden and crazy plan got into my mind. I then locked the doors, took the clipper, went to the bathroom and chopped my hair off to the shortest possible length.

The husband was shocked when he came home that day. "What did you do to your hair? Oh my... oh my... Are you mad? But it's nice, I like it. I love it!" That was him talking while caressing my nearly bald head.😅

It was the very first time I had my hair that short. And thanks to that madness, I found out I can actually cut my own hair, lol! Well, except that the husband had to run the clipper again on my head to even out the length and to rid the strands that I have missed.

This collage was made on the same day of the haircut.

Three days later, the husband felt envious that he had his lengthy locks cut short too. I was pleased because I didn't really like his hair and beard being long. They made him look like an old hermit who never cleans after himself.😂 He had grown them during the lockdowns but thanks to the summer March heat, he chopped them off.

Perhaps seasons are changing every where? And maybe (just maybe) our real summery weather will come in April or May?

That we shall see...

Until then, we won't be ditching our thick comforters or our jackets just yet.

This is my March Madness entry for the BoM prompt. I was to write about the time when my sister's apartment caught fire while we were at the beach but on scrolling my phone gallery for photos this morning, the hair cut popped.😁

Photos are my own. 21032023/10:10ph

Smile... laugh often... love more... be happy and grateful always!


March traditionally was Colorado's snowiest month, but this year we had a lot of snow early and not so much in March. That being said, we can't count snow out until Mother's Day in May, so we'll see. 😂

 2 months ago  

And so it seems the changes are happening there too! That's good 'coz you will have a break from too much snow in the month of March although winter may stretch until May as you mentioned 😅

It sounds like you are ready for summer to arrive much like we are here. As far as cutting your hair, I have done that same thing a few times in my life. I have just grabbed the clippers and cut everything off. Started new again!😀

 2 months ago  

Yes we are :)

Cutting the hair is quite fun, lol! I may do it again 😅

Dito naman unbearable ang init. Sobra.

 2 months ago  

Ilang degrees na kaya dyan ngayon?

You are right about the weather changing because we have been having consistent rainfall here which should come in two months from now.

I believe climate change is real and I am sorry you won't be doing the usual vacation thing.

You look younger after cutting your hair, I hope things get better with the weather so we can enjoy those things we are missing.

 2 months ago  

It seems so, the weather has changed a lot these recent years. The rain arriving at your place 2 months early sounds like the next season came early for you hehe.

Thank you, George 😊

Here, on the other hand, it's getting pretty hot these days, which shouldn't be that hot. But I don't think I have the courage to cut my hair that short, hehe although from what I can see in the photo I like the way you looked.:)

 2 months ago  

It might be true that seasons are changing everywhere :)

Thank you sis :) I do like the look and feel of the very short hair although my sister said I looked like someone who shaved her hair because of cancer 😅

In last some decades the atmosphere is changing and in case of weather it's hard to predict. Suppose today I seen the sun was shining brightly and after some hours heavy rain occured and again now the sun is shining brightly. I don't know what will happen next 😅. Sun seems to be playing hide & seek.

 2 months ago  

Hehe, that's like having different seasons in a day 😅 The sun can be playful noh? It can be fun but can also be a source of sickness especially for those who have weak immune system.

an old hermit who never cleans after himself.


 2 months ago  

Ooopss, hahaha!

LOL, I can just imagine your husband's face when he walked in and saw his wife with a cropped hairdo, must have been hilarious!
Thank you for your participation in March Madness #bom @ifarmgirl xxx

 2 months ago  

Oh geez, can't believe I missed this, my apologies :)

But yes, the husband's expression was indescribable, lol! Could not believe I had the guts to shave off my head like that haha!