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RE: Crying out in the Storm

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Ever since my children left for Europe I have been interested in learning about the effects of weather on people, but until now I have not met anyone real who can testify to it. Like you, I really miss the sun. Fortunately I live in the intertropical zone and have sunshine all year round. However, right now we are in the rainy season and sometimes the day is completely gray. Those gray days affect my mood, if I go more than 24 hours without feeling the sun on my skin I feel weird. I have also experienced the empty nest, almost all my children have gone to live out of the country. I hope you keep your spirits up. I enjoyed reading your post. AH, and I must tell you that you have very good flexibility. Be well dear friend @artywink . A big hug from Maracay.

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Thank you @irvinc for the kind words, I love the sunshine, gloomy weather plays havoc with my mood. Lol! I'm not as flexible as I use to be though, thank you for stopping by.