Jiffy Pop ! A Blast From The Past

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Hello !

I was born in 1957 and I grew up as the middle of 5 children. My Dad loved popcorn, so that was a frequent snack around our house.

jiffy close up.jpg

Jiffy Pop though, was not the kind we grew up with mostly. The kind we had was usually TV Time and it came in a package where the Orange-yellow, semi solid popcorn oil was packaged in a plastic pack where the oil was on one side and the pre-measured popcorn was on the other. You cut them apart, melted the oil in your pan, added your kernels, put on the lid and then shook your pot around on the burner till the popping stopped. We had a pot just the right size, that had lost it's handle and we used the same pot all the time, holding the sides with square pot holders. 😆

It was more economical with a family our size.

full photo of jiffy.jpg

We did see the Jiffy Pop commercials though that made it look like such fun, so on a couple if occasions, my parents brought one home. You can only imagine our delight, getting to see this crazy corn popping magic.

It is still being made now, even though for a while years back, I never saw it and really didn't think about it much. When it did come to mind, I thought they didn't make it anymore. I was wrong, although I read now that it is sold in a limited number of places.

So once every few years, I see one and buy it on a whim when shopping for my groceries. This time, I was putting in an order to be delivered and was looking for bagged popcorn when my search results included Jiffy Pop ! I couldn't resist, I ordered two.

Last night I decided to pop one. If you remember (or if you never saw one), you have to lift off the paper cover before popping.

pull tab.jpg

Underneath you can begin to see the twisting swirl of the foil.

pull up cover.jpg

Sometimes you just have to wonder how someone thought this up.

cover off swirly foil.jpg

The next few photos show the 'growth" progression as the corn began to pop. Sorry that they are not so focused. You are supposed to keep it moving on the burner while popping so nothing burns inside, so when I stopped for a quick second to take the photos, I wasn't wanting it to sit still long. I didn't realize they were not clear till after the cooking/photo session. You'll get the jist of it though.

gr 1.jpg


gr 2.jpg

gr 3.jpg

Finally, when it was done, it was like a mini dirigible or alien space ship.... or something.

gr 4.jpg

You carefully tear it open with a fork as suggested, to let the steam out without steam-cooking your hands.

gr 5 fork.jpg

The first peak inside.

gr 6 now open.jpg

Vwa-LA ! Already buttered AND salted. I didn't have to add a thing.

gr 7 now open.jpg

Not only that, the foil is still sturdy enough when opened, that it creates it's own bowl !

gr 8 makes it's own bowl.jpg

It makes quite a bit of popcorn. I ate a lot and was full and there was still this much left ! I put it away for later.

gr 9 hafl eaten.jpg

It was fun popping this Jiffy Pop and it dragged up some sweet childhood memories. Warm-Fuzzies at their best.

Hope you are all doing well.

Love ya !


 5 months ago  

What a clever way to pop popcorn @jacey.boldart😉 I don't think we have anything like that here!
Nothing like the smell of popcorn for a movie night!
Warm fuzzies for sure🤗

The smell of popcorn always drags me back to my childhood.... or to the movies.

It is a pretty neat trick someone thought up. It would be fun to know what inspired it.

Thanks for stopping over !

I love popcorn . Look at that! Quite fascinating. I really wonder who first came up with the idea. Just the look of it is enticing. Growing up my older sister would often prepare popcorn. I’d join in. We’d use a a deep pot, heat the oil, hurry to drop the kernels in and cover the pot. I alway loved the popping sound. We would dance to the rhythm of the pops. When mostly done, we’d carefully open the pot to remove the popcorn. There was often that one kernel that decided to wait until the pot was opened for it to pop and jump out. 😄
We'd then add salt but sometimes we didn't mix it well enough. We had to deal with some very salty popcorn at the bottom of the container. 😂🤣

I believe popcorn is nearly a universal snack.... don't you?

My older sisters husband likes it, but he doesn't like salt on his, only butter. WHAT ??? Popcorn without salt is not a finished product. LOL

When I add salt, (which on this kind and some microwave ones you don't need to because they have included it in the oil)... I would sprinkle a little, then shake the popcorn around in the bowl and add some more. I do melted butter the same way if I use it.

Dance to the popping.... I don't think I have ever done that.... but maybe next time 😄

Haha!! Lots of fast dancing movements with all that popping. It certainly is a universal snack. Ever been to the movies on an already full stomach? Though full, the smell of the popcorn just gets you. At the movies I do I mix of salty and caramel. That gets me popping. 😂🤣

Never had caramel at the movies. Haven't been to one in a few years. Use to, if I knew I was going near the early or late evening hours, I would not eat before I went and would let that giant bucket of buttered popcorn be my meal. Otherwise, I was probably going to want some anyway.

Just can't beat that movie popcorn !

🤣Haha!!! Can’t beat it at all. 🍿

I'm sure you shouted It's alive! It's alive! like a maniac while it was growing. I hope you did anyway. I feel so oldfashioned popping my corn in some oil in a pan :)

LOL... darnit, I didn't think of that. I did however say that I bought two. Maybe I'll remember the yelling next time.

However it's cook, I will be wanting some of it.

Good to see you. Hope you are doing well.

Oh good, you've got a back up :)

Good to see you too.

I'm so spoiled by myself. It was just no way I could only order one when I saw it.


That looks like a lot of fun to make. We never had that as a kid but I sure remember the ads for them. We just had an hot air popper. As best as I remember, it seemed to do a good job. Now I want some popcorn!!!

It somehow still holds some fun expectations, watching the Jiffy Pop expand as it pops.

I'm not sure by hot air popper if we are thinking of the same thing, but we had one of those later in my teens, as well as another popper that made "movie-like" popcorn. The hot air popper we had didn't take any oil of any kind to work, but after being spoiled by our previous popcorn experiences, we didn't love it. Because there was no oil, salt didn't want to stick to it ... LOL I do think there was a little "well" above where the corn came out that you could put some butter that would drip down on the corn as it popped. The point though I thought was that since it didn't have oil, it was supposed to be healthier for you. We all know what healthier means though, "doesn't taste as good" ha ha.... They did work amazingly though.

Any kind of way you do it, popcorn is a pretty economical snack.

hi jacey!

your popcorn post just made me smile... I don't eat popcorn actually I don't know why every time I smell I had headache but I enjoyed reading your blog and felt your excitement while reading it :)

On no ! Not a popcorn headache ! 😃 I have to say that is the first time I have ever heard of that, but it's really no telling how many people it may affect that way.

It was pretty much fun to see again, even as an adult.

Thank you for stopping by !

i don't know maybe i'm a rare case hahaha

I love the crazy foil UFO at the end up! it looks incredible! Looks like it makes a ton too

It does make a lot of popcorn !

At the last of the cooking, that foil balloon gets tighter and tighter till you start to wonder if it might burst before the corn stops popping 😆 The only thing that would make that fun is if somehow there was a video of it happening as popcorn burst into the air, landing all over the kitchen.

It is a pretty incredible few moments as it's popping and then you get to eat it in celebration !

I think my kids would go berserk when they seen it and then even more so at the contents!

 5 months ago  

Jiffy Pop! That was such a cool invention. I have to wonder if the guy was a BoyScout or went camping. It works when you are camping too!! It was a little more charcoal-ly on the outside of the camping version, but, when you are kids, everything is an adventure. When does the adventure wear off? I am hoping never.

We had nine kids, so Jiffy Pop was pretty much out of the question. My mom had a giant lobster pot and she put oil in the pan, let it get hot, then threw in kernels of corn that you could buy at the store. It was always a good treat! Just a little salt and it was done!

To this day, I love popcorn. It reminds me that I haven't made a big batch of popcorn since the last movie night in the house!

Sounds like a plan! Thanks! You always have the best ideas!


Although I understand why, when I read your Mom had a lobster pot she used for popping corn, it made me laugh picturing such a huge pot of popcorn.

It is fun sometimes if the stories are out there, to see why some people come up with the ideas that they do to create something fascinating.

I knew Jiffy Pop was supposed to be good for using on campfires, but I have never done it or seen it done. Sounds like it would be fun though.

My love for popcorn has stuck with me in adulthood too. I currently have a Twirly Pop, the pan that has a lid that has a handle you turn on it that is connected to a "thing"... LOL... don't know what it is called, that hangs down in the inside of the middle of the pot that twirls the corn around in the oil while it is popping. A friend gave me one when I lived in San Antonio. It lasted for years because it is not something I use weekly or even monthly, but when it finally fell apart, I thought I needed another, so I bought my current one. You also buy your own corn kernels and use your own oil. I like using peanut oil for popping, but like always, any kind works.

I think life is much more fun if you can hold onto that child-like curiosity and delight.

 5 months ago  

It is definitely more fun! I use peanut oil too, it just tastes better. We love popcorn so much that we bought a popcorn machine (you know the one with wheels!) for the media room. We have a television in the den but don't watch much tv... but a movie now and then, yes! :) So it makes movie theater style, it truly is great. That is where we learned to make it with peanut oil, years ago. The movie theaters use it. Ditto the butter, although I like mine plain.

I know what you are talking about. The one with the crank! It is called a whirley-pop!! Those are so cool!

At Christmas time, I like making caramel corn with nuts and will give big batches of it away. It is nice to give to people that you don't buy for and it is totally yummy. Wrapped up nice, it is a nice gift.

I think that people take life too seriously. That is no way to have fun, is it?

I hope it rains tomorrow. I have splashed in puddles in almost a year!

Happy Labor Day almost! Is there a picnic in your future?

Whirly Pop ! haha.. .that's it. I said Twirly Pop..... close... but no cigar!

I think I read once that the peanut oil has a higher burn rating, meaning it can tolerate the higher, prolonged heat without burning. That is when I adopted it.

I love that you have a real popper. I think it pops hotter and I think that is part of what makes movie popcorn frequently better than what is made at home on the stove. My hubs use to stop once in a while at a local theatre and come home with a big bucket of the real thing. Loved it when that happened. I saw a smaller version of the big popcorn cart once and was tempted. I always wondered if it would do as well as the bigger version. Alas, I never bought one.

The caramel corn sounds good. I love treasured treats as gifts. No much way to go wrong with that.

People do take life too seriously mostly. People who have chosen to twist everything into something offensive chap my hide too. Why would anyone choose to make themselves more miserable than they have to be? I don't get it and I'm glad I don't !

It has rained off and on today here. I did not look at the forecast. The morning had been sunny and warm. I had even been out on my porch for a few minutes checking out my few flowers and had no idea it was supposed to rain. Later, when I heard something and realized it was rain, I was surprised. They haven't lasted long, even though some of the rain came down hard. Little popup storms here and there, with some sun and partial blue skies between.

Happy Labor Day too you. No picnics planned at this time, but that doesn't mean one won't happy. 🙂

 5 months ago  

Exactly, Your family is like mine with the pop-ups. Like a preplanned pop-up, but, not. That is fun too. No stress to do a bunch of stuff. Just come as you are. No stress.

I just cannot believe the weatherman! He says rain Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday cloudy Thursday and Friday, and rain Saturday and Sunday!! What?? I haven't seen that much rain here, ever!

I don't believe them.

The small version of the big popper works well too. My sister has one and loves it. I do the peanut oil as that is what the theaters do. It does heat the way you described. I use it on all the Asian food I make. It gives it a whole different flavor. You know, it tastes ASIAN! LOL

I hate a chapped hide. For real! 🤣

I was going to give it to you. Twirly Pop is what popped the Whirley pop into my brain. :)

Sounds like perfect rain. Dark clouds just passed over the house, but, didn't make a pit stop here. Tomorrow.

All this talk about popcorn and oils reminds me that Popcornopolis claims theirs is popped in coconut oil. I have never tried that, but I think I should, just in case. Their popcorn is the bomb !... but not cheap. My fav is Cinnamon Toast flavor. I ordered a bunch of large cones and gave one to each of my sibs and Mom at Christmas, along with a giftcard to our local biscuit/breakfast shop. We all love that stuff. (That was not all I gave Mom though, but she also gets what everyone else gets)

 5 months ago  

Try it!! Its even better! It has a distinct coconut flavor and makes it yummy.

 5 months ago  

Try it!! Its even better! It has a distinct coconut flavor and makes it yummy. Can you believe it was coconut oil that i was thinking of? Peanut oil is good, but youvwont turn back once you try coconut!

Still, use peanut for Asian food!!

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These are a lot of fun to use and I haven't used one in many years. I always remember have a fun time shaking it around and watching it grow in size.

I do something similar with a pot with a lid, oil and popping kernels. There's a little trick to getting the temperature right for the oil so that you can get all the kernels popping at the same rate. That's the real key. You still get the shake it on the stove top too 😀

Then there are the toppings. I still go with the tried and true one, salt and butter.

I hear there are so many different toppings you can put on it. I tried a cheese one at that theater but never at home. I'll need to look into this, I bet there are some crazy combinations.

Now all you need is a good movie or show to watch. Have fun.

It was fun. Maybe you need to get one too, just for the fun of doing it again.

I do understand about getting the temperature of the oil right, although I don't always make that happen. I always thought that was one of the main secrets of movie popcorn, that their machines got really hot and popped really fast. It's hard to match movie popcorn at home, but close is good enough.

You can buy all sorts of popcorn toppings. I can't really remember what they were now, but years back when I lived and worked in Texas for a while, our company owned one of those machines and each department would take turns once a month, setting it up in our break room and making popcorn for anyone that wanted some. My office partner Joseph and I wanted our turn to be notable, so we bought 4 or 5 different flavors that you sprinkle on the corn like salt and it was a big hit. I personal didn't think any of them beat out the old tried and true salt and butter myself, but the folks seemed to like having a choice and trying something new.

The one thing I have done at home from time to time, was sprinkle some grated parmesan cheese that I already had in my frig on some popcorn while it was hot. I kind of like that once in a while.

All those flavors sound like fun, I'd give it a shot too. I'll need to try the parmesan cheese idea on my next batch, that sounds like a winner. Thanks