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The abortions, rape cases is just something I can't comprehend why one will indulge in such. Life is precious and should be preserved. And so is that rail bridge needing attention to be fixed.
Not a good habit polluting our environment, the country is beautiful lets keep it beautiful.

That little duck really does looks cute!


Woman still take the brunt end, when I see old woman carrying water in buckets on their head I want to scream at the powers that be. No woman or child is safe outdoors after dark, hell many are not safe in their own homes!

I miss the sound of trains passing over the bridge which carries up the valley, how industry is moving product must be costing them a fortune, not to mention the already damaged road. Here in Toti the freeway still jammed up in Northerly direction daily.

Young ones always get labelled "cute" !LOLZ

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Why did the chicken climb on top of the house?
He was a Roofster.

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Young ones always get labelled "cute"

This is true until they are grown up and no longer cute 😃

You know I was in JHB CBD 2 weeks ago and I felt out of place I was scared, I just had to be in and out of town. Our world just doesn't safe any more.

Towns are not longer safe like they used to be, let alone going into city.

Do the passenger trains still run, or are you using taxi power up there now?

Stay safe, yes this world is no longer what we thought it would be.

I am not sure of the train but I think its still works, I stopped using that years ago, the pick-pocket and fully packed of the train commuting is just too much for me to blend with.

I can imagine how dodgy it has become to train travel, growing up it was the only way to commute. Taxi wars, overloaded vans now hold transport of people in similar conditions, dangerous and expensive.

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