Exciting News on OCD Incubation and a Question for you

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Exciting news all #silverbloggers!
We have been accepted into the OCD Incubation Program which is a great boost for our community, so a special thanks to #OCD for now curating and supporting the Hive Silver Bloggers Community.

A humble request, OCD has placed #silverbloggers on a one month incubation period; dependent upon the engagement, posting and growth in #silverbloggers.

May we ask of all members to support this community by posting and engaging with others in our community.

Please pass this information on to others, as it is to everyone's benefit, and invite friends who you believe would fit into our community.

Thank you guys and dolls for being here!
We encourage our members to keep those #silverbloggers' posts coming, being mindful to stay within the rules as per our homepage - the main ones being no copying & pasting, keep quotes to the bare minimum, image source to be provided if not your own; we want you to have fun blogging and be rewarded for your awesome content.

Choose appropriate #silverbloggers topics, such as:

  • Forward Planning for that Big Day.
  • Suitable Projects and Hobbies that can be turned into a Micro-Business on Hive.
  • Basic Understanding of Cryptocurrencies.
  • Accommodation Options suited to your Twilight Years' Lifestyle.
  • Pitfalls to avoid.
  • Fun blogs about life, before and after escaping the Corporate Jungle.
  • Your Bucket List
  • And so forth...I'm sure you get the drift!

We are confident that having #OCD support will help grow our community, but ask that everyone who reads this take note of the one month trial period and consider re-blogging this post in order to attract new members outside our current circle.



We would like focus on a specific topic each week, and this week we are talking about...

Retirement Plans - Are they on track as envisioned or how do you envision your Retirement if you've not reached that goalpost yet?

  • Blogs have to be published here in the Hive Silver Bloggers Community.
  • Deadline will be very late Friday evening your time;)
  • Please drop links to your posts in the comments section of this blog.

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Highlighting posts shared in our community this week

Please support our Silver Bloggers by reading, commenting and upvoting if you've enjoyed their blog; we have some really awesome talent here:

  • Great seeing you here in the adult community as you tongue in cheek described our Silvers @bengy;) Guys, read all about Cooking that Perfect Egg! and surprise your wife with a healthy breakfast in bed now that you're retired; and if still on your way there, you have Saturday and Sunday to surprise her; how about it guys?
    perfect egg.jpg
    Photo by @bengy

Miracles exist and we have to be vigilant to observe them.
Venezuela breakfast.jpg
Photo by @isabelpena

Further, we welcome any cross-posting from members blogging in other communities if you believe the topic would be of interest to our Silver Bloggers but #silverbloggers is required.
Those posts however cannot be put forward by us for OCD support; it has to be done by the original community.
We do encourage our members to continue blogging in current communities where their topic is a better fit.
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Hive Silver Bloggers

If you're between the ages of 40 and 100 and have a passion for blogging and cryptocurrency plus have some wisdom to share, please read our Intro Post and subscribe to the new Hive Silver Bloggers Community that has attracted some of the best talent here on Hive.
Please don't forget to Follow after subscribing.

Finally, please feel free to use this image on your blog and Social media pages to attract new members to Hive, image link below.
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Do you know this Badge?

It says "Thank you for partnering with the Papillon Foundation by participating in the
Weekly Hive Charity Giveaway."

Do you want this Badge?
If you like this badge and if you want to help too, you can learn more about @combination and the badge in their blog post:
Some Exciting News! Badge release!

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Rewards from this post is set to: 95% to Hive Silver Bloggers Community account @hive-106316 and 5% to @peakd.


That's fantastic news about the #OCD support.

 last month 

Awesome seeing your blog here @farm-mom, we need more action from our Silvers, you're on the ball my friend!

Just a suggestion from me, instead of giving 5 % percent to peakd maybe you can choose one author in the compilation post :)

Well, good luck with this awesome community!

 last month 

Thank you for that advice @anggreklestari, great idea.
I'm trying to grow our community HP therefore blogging from my own account, will eventually blog from @hive-106316.
Thank you for your encouragement for so many of us here on Hive😇

Thanks for featuring my post!

I was thinking about writing about retirement plans as it is something that I've been thinking about a lot recently... but this gave me a good reason to get off my arse and do it!


 last month 

Thank you for the sound advice!

 last month 

Way to go Lady Lizzy and a great thanks again to #anggreklestari and #OCD for the support.
Time now to grow #silverbloggers

 last month (edited)

My sentiments exactly @papilloncharity! Thank you for being a guiding hand.
#silverbloggers need to see more growth and awesome blogs to retain this wonderful support!

 last month (edited)

My pleasure Lady Lizzy and I hopw whoever reads this will share the notice below.
We have one month to prove that #silverbloggers is a worthy cause on #hive

A humble request, OCD has placed #silverbloggers on a one month incubation period; dependent upon the engagement, posting and growth in #silverbloggers.
May we ask of all members to support this community by posting and engaging with others in our community.
Please pass this notice on to others, as it is to everyone's benefit and invite friends who you believe would fit into #silverbloggers - https://peakd.com/c/hive-106316/created.
Thank you guys and dolls for being here!

 last month 

Thank you so much for sharing this important announcement!

 last month 

My pleasure Lady Lizelle and I hope that all others will also share the announcement.

Well done Silver bloggers, it's an honour to be part of your community, thank yo OCD for all your encouragement towards us newbies on the block, much appreciated. Keep up the good work Silver Bloggers admin. God bless and have a great evening.

 last month 

So glad to have you here @artywink, we're really enjoying your stories here and the food as well;)

What a wonderful publication, thank you friend @lizelle for including me in it, and thanks to OCD for supporting those of the golden and silver age. Congratulations to the Hive Silver Bloggers community for this achievement.

 last month (edited)

We are truly thankful and need to keep the momentum going by growing our community and sharing more awesome blogs here.
Thank you so much for your participation @isabelpena.

Thanks for adding me here. I wish you the best in this and hope more people subscribe. It's a wonderful idea whose time has come.

 last month 

You not only make the best food here on Hive but also have the gift of telling a story, really treasure having you here in our #silverbloggers🤗

This seems wonderful community, can anyone join it? @lizelle

 last month 

Hi @sahiba-rana, anyone between the ages of 40 to 100 can join 😉

Haha, so you get kicked out after 100?

 last month 

Haha, that was done just in case I reach 100 and start giving all my secrets away;)

Oh, Okay then I will be just an admirer:)

 last month 

LOL I thought you were still too young, you can still join in the conversation, some good lessons to prepare you for that day;)

Hahah yes, I am 23 years old, would love to read the experiences of people from the community :)

 last month 

Oh my word, you have a long wait😆

Hahaha! Indeed.

Well done on incubation period, thank you for mentioning my posts in community, memories are plentiful taking a bit longer collating and putting down from the diary!

 last month 

Thank you so much for sharing those awesome memories here Joan!

Not something I have ever shared previously, right time and place thanks for making this available and open to all Lizelle.

What a beautiful publication and your house, it has incredible views and it looks very relaxing, especially for your visitors. You already have your plan insured friend, you just have to take care of it like a girl. Greetings dear friend.

 last month 

Thank you for sharing your awesome story my friend!