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Well, my life has been pretty occupied by the move lately from one apartment to the other, so I thought I'd write a little update. :) It's kinda cool moving within the same building, as you don't really have to "pack," per se, you can just transfer things over and set them up in the new place right away (or at least, that's how I'm doing it for the most part!).

Tonight I painted one of my bookshelves. My dad built this one when I was a kid so it's like 35 years old or so now, and had been stained brown at the time but nothing since. It's held up pretty well but was a bit banged up and worn, so I gave it a fresh coat of paint. It took a whole quart (or it will, when I flip it over and do the underside, there was just a little paint left in the can). I think the one coat over the brown stain looks pretty nice, actually - makes it a nice dark rusty kinda red now. I like it! :)

painted bookshelf (2).jpg

Yesterday, I mostly emptied the front hall closet in the old apartment, which I had Tetris-ed as a storage space, and thankfully my new front hall closet is a bit bigger in the new place so I have more storage room.

A coat closet, they call it, but in Phe land, it's the "cram as much as possible in here" closet. ;)

old closet.jpg
the old closet

The other night I got the papasan moved in and all the blankets and pillows that make up the cushion arranged and ate dinner sitting in it. :) It's quite cozy. That's book mountain next to it, which is bigger now but still has more to grow, at which point I will have to take another picture before I Tetris the cubby with as many books as I can fit in there.


Speaking of the cubby, I made my Earth flag the curtain for it, and hung up a couple of window curtains today. The flag fit the gap perfectly, so I get to admire Danu and make my living room less chaotic by hiding the book Tetris, too!

earth flag.jpg

I hope y'all are doing well - I'm going to work on a faerie doll now! <3

bee good.jpg


I am so late to read your moving update, but its good to see your apartment turning into a new home. I hope you will make a wardrobe-tetris tutorial once you are finished, because I really need this :-DDD

Hahahaha, the perils of being a good seamstress making lots of cool clothes to enjoy! ;)

Hey, I love moving hahaha, although I confess it's exhausting. New energy, new environment, new way of design, seriously I love it, and if it's about recovering old furniture I love it.

I send you all my good energies to organize your new space with all the desire in the world. I will be very attentive to the result. Virtual hug.

Yup, it is both exciting and exhausting at the same time! LOL
Thanks for stopping by! :)

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

I'm glad to see your move is going well!! Your new paint job on the shelf your dad built looks great!! What a process!! One step at a time. Its coming together.

Thank you! It is, slow and steady, lol. Hopefully in time for my deadline of the 5th. :)

Do do do doooooo!! How's progress 4 ya?

Fun seeing your new place come together! Like your flag and book mountain. :))

Thanks! Yeah once I started amassing the mountain I was like, "Well now I need to stack them ALL here so I can see how big of a mountain of books I really have!" 😂

It'd take the best part of a room for all mine. I guesstimate I've got about 5000... Have started the weeding out part now.

I love your earth flag!

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Thank you! Me too! :)






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