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RE: Day 3 - Desktop Computer still Dead

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It’s maddening when a computer lets you down. I lost files on one computer when it died and took it to a shop but they couldn’t fix it or retrieve my files.

My husband uses the desktop with Windows 10 and I don’t like using it. He doesn’t do much on it. I tried to discourage him from getting a desktop as it takes up so much space. I use the iPad for everything. with the keyboard you can attach, it is like a small desktop.


I do like my desktop, I like to play games, and laptops are to small and to slow. But I have my x-box for some games, The phones and small screens are just to hard for me to read and see. One thing though, I do not think I will become a windows 11 user. I really don't like windows 10, so I am glad I had his little Raspberry Pi, it is a learning experience, and it is teaching me I really do not need a big company to compute.