It is a #featheredfriends paradise and your photos are wonderful! The shots of the seagulls are amazing. Thanks for all the info you provided to go along with your photos. And thanks for posting to The Feathered Friends Community. !tip

Thanks. Seagulls and wading birds are actually easy to shot because they are large and slow. The seagulls were doing their hover thing where they face into the wind and barely move.

Always liking this community when I visit. I'm just not good at finding the less common birds.

Keep in mind that you can post anything bird related here! Bird houses and feeders, photos of bird art/sculptures, your own artwork, 😊

versatile bird , I love its wings. Beautiful Pictures!

Thank you :)

Now what do you know! @abitcoinskeptic is a great birder, or birdwatcher, or a watchamaycallit lol.

A lovely post here, well detailed and very professional, with some beautiful sights, action and colors.
Well done mate!

Ps. I love your red spiral tower and here's mine that I took today!


This guy put a roof on the bird box on his tower for the nesting birds to be protected during rainy weather, but I am afraid that the moon is going to bump it hahaha.

That's a great photo. I don't see too many birdhouses in Korea, but then again, everyone lives in apartments.

Thank you and it was also the first time for me to see it.
Normally we see owl houses and bird houses in trees, but never on such a strange high plastered brick column.

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