He died in my hand #featheredfriends


He died in my hands !

Today between shifts I was eating in the kitchen when a bird flew through the open door. It was a sweet small birdie.
First I was shocked at first, but was glad he fell on the cuchion. He or she is little and light brownish of color.

I think it’s a merel in English a black bird but I don’t know for sure.
I rushed to the cuchion and picked him up. He had his eyes open and I thought he was just shook up. I tried to have him covered with my hand and wanted to reassure him that he was safe. I gave some water in his beak and he calmed down.

He was still in my Hbd when he peed and saw saw poop. While I thought that was a good thing , and was arranging a little piece of cloth to put him on in the garden, he closed his eyes. Such a sweet little thing in my hand, just died. Probably because he hit the window very hard.
Up close you see the little feathers and the beautiful colors brown. The dogs now are also seeing I am doing something out of the normal and maybe even smell that I have a little bird in my hand and are around me.

Well so he died and I have him on a platter outside. I will make a hole in the garden and burry him. I tried but dead is sudden.
So a thoughtful post for a feathered friend, a small brown one.












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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 133 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!


You know me by now... and all my "sayings". One of them is the saying, "Everything happens, for a reason". I know many people don't always agree with that... including my mom. But this is a perfect example of my mindset. I am sorry to hear the poor bird died, but at least you were there to create a positive place... I know that doesn't make the hurt go away. But certainly should make you feel at peace, knowing you made a difference. God knows and see's these things... I refuse to believe any different.

@tipu curate

What a pity!. That happens a lot, perhaps when they are old and do not see well, these birds are very fragile . Regards @brittandjosie

Very sad, poor little bird, at least he had a little comfort in your hands at the end.

Oh, it is so sad the birdie died, but alas life is short.
It is called wren in English.

Aww... That's sad for a cute little birdie. Looks like your dogs are curious too about what happened to that little birdie. Or maybe they're thinking of eating it. 😅

Heb ik hier ook wel eens (ook grotere vogels)

Je hebt een volwassen winterkoninkje in je hand daar.

Ok een dood winterkoningkje ahhhhh
Die honden werden helemaal wild !

en toch goed oppassen ivm vogelgriep

Ja inderdaad hier hebben we nu zelf borden dat er geen vogels vervoerd mogen worden

Thanks for sharing such a touching topic "He died in my hands", how i wish you were able to help but live is not in our hands. Thanks for doing all you could to helped out.

Reblog it

You said he hit the cushion, but then a few minutes later after he died that he hit the window hard, so he hit one of the cushions or one of the windows?
Or he hit the window trying to get out and fell into the cushion?
I thought it was a finch but I see someone else said that it's a wren, and they probably know more about them than I do.

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