Beauty jay is a smart bird

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I love jays for their beauty and intelligence. I see them often, but it is not always possible to photograph them. Although not always immediately jays try to fly away when you pay attention to them. Jays often play hide and seek with me. One has only to stop, as they try to hide behind the branches.

They fly on the same tree to other branches, away from my eyes. I'm getting closer to where the jay is hiding again. And so we play hide and seek. But I am persistent, and sometimes I manage to photograph a jay.


So this jay tried to hide from me behind the branches, but I managed to take a few photos. The jay imitates the voices of other birds well. It used to be that the jay teased me. She screamed in the voice of a magpie, then a rook. When she made sounds, she hid behind a tree trunk. But these birds were not around and I realized that this jay was trying to deceive me, mislead me. What a cunning and smart bird jay.


Jay spun from side to side so that I could not see her eyes. But when I photograph birds, I try to catch the eye. Unfortunately this time it didn't work. But the jay has a very beautiful plumage, there is something to show in all its glory.


It is a pity that this time the jay almost did not show her luxurious wings with bright blue plumage. Only slightly visible in this photo.


But here is another jay and in another place appeared in all its glory. But I saw her from afar. A jay perched on a tree branch next to a titmouse feeder. I had to take pictures and video from a considerable distance. Otherwise, I would have frightened her. She same openly crept up to trough. She acted quickly. Carefully flew up to the feeder, looked into it. Then took the seed.


At this time, a man was just passing by and he scared the jay away. I managed to take only two frames of photos and a few seconds of video. The jay flapped its wings and immediately flew away.

This shows the moment a jay climbs into a titmouse feeder.

Too bad we couldn't make a good video. A passerby man could have waited, he saw that I was filming a bird. But unfortunately not all people are attentive to others.


Yay! 🤗
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