Birds I met on a walk today

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We've had a wonderful day today. If the previous few days were cloudy, today, contrary to the forecast, the sun suddenly came out. It was quiet outside and the temperature rose to +3. Immediately, the chirping of different-voiced titmouse became audible. As if rejoicing in spring and a good day. But I was a little lucky - I met a jay bird. I didn’t manage to get close to her, but still I managed to take a few shots before the jay flew far away.

I always rejoice when I see jays. Beautiful birds. Although their nature awarded their voice with a completely opposite appearance. If anyone heard the sounds of jays, then he noted what raspy, rough voices they had. But it's a pleasure to look at them.

It is believed that seeing a jay is good luck. Of course, this is just a beautiful sign, but I like it.

It seems that the jay is specially posing for me. But this is a random shot. Jay did not stay long on one branch. Tried to hide from me. But how can I miss such a beauty without leaving myself a few frames as a keepsake.

For a long time I did not manage to photograph the jay. She flew away quickly. But then I met funny jackdaws and rooks.

If you look closely at this jackdaw, you can clearly see that it has wet plumage.

And this rook also has wet feathers. I met these birds in one place.

There were puddles on the ground. Apparently, the birds were so happy about the spring that they decided to swim in the spring puddles. And now they have climbed higher into the trees and are drying their plumage.

And this important rook was walking on the ground. Now for the birds comes expanse. The snow began to melt and there is expanse where to find the surviving seeds of plants after a long winter. He gave me a curious look. Surprised that I paid attention to his person.

Everyone rejoices in spring - both people and birds.


Врановые👍 Соечка конечно красивее всех!

Сойка вообще красавица.

Сойка и грач.

Галка, это галка! :)