Happy Holidays, our feathered friends

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It turns out that today is an international holiday - the day of birds. It's great that feathered friends also have their own holiday. They don't know about him. But many people love birds and such a holiday will definitely not pass by. But for lovers of bird photography, it is even more of a holiday.


Every day I am less and less able to photograph birds. I live in the center of the city. Previously, the old city parks were within walking distance. Now they are reconstructed every year. They cut down a lot of old trees. It becomes beautiful and comfortable for walking. But the birds have become much smaller. They flew to other places. There are few birds left in our parks and they have become even more shy.


Magpies have always been cautious birds. Although this year I see forty more often. Even in the backyard of the house where I live. But I rarely manage to take pictures or videos with magpies. Even when they are at a decent distance. A sharp-sighted magpie glance strangles any attention to them. As soon as I stop, at best you can see the tail of a magpie.


But at the same time, I adore forty birds for their contrasting black and white plumage. And their body shape is attractive.


Only one chic long ponytail is a real decoration for magpies. In the photo above forty prepared for flight. Another moment and she will fly away.

Here, a magpie flew away from me at a decent distance. I am no longer a threat to her. But the bird still turned its tail towards me. Just in case.

And finally, from the summer about the beauties of magpies.


Happy Holidays, our feathered friends.


К своему удивлению на днях на Кипре я увидела сороку! И очень обрадовалась!