Show Me A Picture (SMAP) 88 - A Bird And His Shadow

Hello Feathered Friends Community. This is now Round 88 of this very popular contest, the Show Me A Shadow or SMAP, hosted by @nelinoeva. Each week a new theme is given and participants show photos of the theme. If you still don't know about this yet read up about it here and join us as soon as you can. Don't miss out on the fun!

The theme for this week is:


I don't have many pictures of this week's theme and most of them I already have used in previous posts. But I remembered my daughter in Germany sent me some photos of her visit to Oslo, Norway. She went there on a cruise ship with other co-workers who belong to the manpower agency that hired them. And the best part of it was the agency paid for the trip! Part of the perks that go when signing up with them.

Anyway, in the port area where their cruise ship docked, she took this picture to share with her 6-year old nephew. It's in reference to the movie Finding Nemo where sea gulls played a really funny part in the movie.


Afterwards she sent another photo because she remembered I always look for shadows and reflections. Here it is. This is also my entry to this week's SMAP.


And that's about it for this post. Thanking all our delegators, donors and sponsors of this contest, most especially to The Feathered Friends Community, @melinda010100, @barbara-orenya and our tireless judge @oks2crypto. Stay safe everyone and peace be with you all.


This is so nice to have a helping hand. And the shadow is very nice.
I see the bird has a ring around its leg.

Thank you @nelinoeva. My daughter has indeed helped me a lot especially in the season hunts when photos of different seasons are asked from participants. 😊

Now that you mentioned it, there really is something that's tied in the leg of the sea gull. How it got there or why it's there, I have absolutely no idea 🤔

Thanks for the tip and nice to make it back again this Round 😊

Kudos to your daughter for the lovely photos. That’s a large well fed seagull. 😊

She was so ecstatic when I told her I entered the photo. She has a Hive account but has been inactive for the last two and a half years due to her work. This, I guess, is her way of being active and still be a part of the blockchain.

Would you believe I have never seen a seagull in real life? I wouldn't know if one is large or not. Thanks for pointing that out. At least I have an idea what a large one looks like 😊

Good she can take part in Hive with lovely images. Lots of well fed seagulls here near the water. I often see them at fast food outlets looking for scraps. They seem to be bigger when on or near the ocean as they have lots of fish to eat. 😊