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One of the joys of having a garden is the wildlife it attracts. I particularly like to see birds in my garden and one of my favourites is Robin Red Breast. It's always a pleasure to see him flitting around in the garden.

I can almost guarantee that if I go out into the garden to do something, such as weeding or digging, my resident robin will appear looking for insects to greedily gobble up. Unlike a lot of birds he is quite bold and will come right down next to the spade to collect juicy insects.

I used to have an old ivy tree in the garden. Actually it was an ivy that had wrapped itself around a tree, the tree rotted away and left the woven mass of ivy branches you can see in the photo. This was a favourite place for my robin to search for bugs.

I managed to take these photos on my phone while he was doing his usual bug hunt. However he is very small and my phone camera isn't very powerful, so the photos aren't the best. But I hope you can see him well enough.

I've seen pictures of American robins and they seem to be much bigger. European robins are about the size of a sparrow. Some people manage to train them to take mealworms from there hands, but I don't have that type of patience.

I'm always happy to see him and hear him singing. Enjoying the birds that visit my garden is one of life's little pleasures.


That a cute little visitor to have. I have a few here and I love to see them patrolling the lawn for worms and insects. They will go south when the colder weather comes. I did have one that stayed all winter because he was waiting for this mate who I found dead in the hedge, I threw out cut up apples and he would pick at them. The ground was frozen so he couldn’t get any worms. The next year he went South in winter and returned many years. I actually wrote a story about him on Hive but I can’t find the link now.

Our weather must be much milder here in the UK. Winter is a time when we tend to see them most, hence their association with Christmas. I will be putting out food, particularly mealworms, for him and my other feathery visitors.

Yes, you have a milder winter than here in Canada. Good you feed the little ones. I also leave out bird seed, nuts, cat food, bread, etc for them. If they don’t eat it all the raccoon comes by at night and cleans up leftovers. 😆 I have lots of blue jays that visit all winter along with others.

No raccoons here, just grey squirrels which are beautiful but considered an invasive species as they're not native to the UK.

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It's good to have a garden at home
My own garden has a lot of plants like tomatoes, vegetables and peppers

Because I love planting and I love eating fresh food as well
You should cut all the weeds and plants fresh food on your garden
Or you can plant flowers there

We plant some food such as tomatoes, runner beans and a few other things that are expensive in the supermarket, but mostly flowers and grass.

That's good
So that all what you eat will be fresh and not the one that has been preserved

I love planting so much because it provides food for hr house
Keep it up buddy

Enjoying the birds that visit my garden is one of life's little pleasures.

Very well put... what other birds visit your garden???

and what's his voice lke, you should put a audio recording of the Robin singing...

So your twitter time online is balanced by watching real birds in the garden....so nice na!!

I get blackbirds, song thrushes, blue tits and great tits, collared doves, and many other species. I've been in the process of changing my garden and have not put up my bird feeders yet. I could do with a better camera too. I hadn't thought of recording them, I may try that. I love bird song. The dawn chorus in spring is wonderful.

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