Birds in flight - Nuthatch - 11 pics

in Feathered Friends2 months ago

Taking pics of birds in flight (BIF) was one of my goals when I upgraded the camera gear. I was able to get some practice in on the birdfeeder this morning.

I think these are nuthatches, but new to the field, so someone please correct me or confirm if I go that right!

This is my first attempt at BIF pics. I caught one by accident a couple weeks ago, but this first time actually planning it. I figured if I could catch these fast, little guys, I would be set to capture some hawks, owls, geese, etc. when I make a longer outing.

These two seem to be a pair, hanging out together, or maybe just breakfast buds.

And here's a couple in a bit of a squabble over seating locations.

And just a few other pics for good measure.








All pics original work copyright 2021 by the author of this post.
Sony A7R4 200-600 G +1.4x TC - Also did a bit of cropping and de-noise on a few of these.


Hiho, BIF is in my bucket list. i did try before. but seeing BIF here in my place is not common. i will need to visit the seaside bay to shoot BIF.
beautiful BIF :)

Tks, more to come!

Pretty birds... we don't have them here. Important for such shots is having a lot of light, best full sunshine. Then you can use fast shutter times and closed apperture, without noise problems. Like this one I made some time ago:


Nice one! I haven't seen any ducks close by, but not much water. I do see geese in the fields quite a bit.

We are fortunate to have a river here (2 actually) and so a number of water birds, like the mallards, swans, moorhens and gulls (in winter). Geese are rare around here, but they live in other regions in Germany. Those birds are great photo motives, especially in spring when they have their young. But beware of the swans at that time, they are rather humorless if someone shows interest in their young ones... :)

You are correct these are Nuthatches, and they are fast fellows and fun to watch. Great BIF photos seems that upgrade was a good thing.

Thanks for the ID confirmation. Yes, loving the camera, still learning the tweaks and twiddles. These were all 30 yards away, it's definitely challenging to get the shots with the large zoom. Love the ability to crop with these image sizes though!

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 49 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

These are great shots!

Thank you. Still learning the camera, but getting more and more keepers each time!

Wonderful photos! You captured those wing feathers perfectly! And good job identifying them as nuthatches You will be a pro birdwatcher in no time.


Thanks, I had to spend at least 30 minutes searching images, google, and to figure it out, but seems I finally got it right. Seem to have a pretty solid group of at least a half dozen of these that hang out here even before the feeder, just didn't know what they were.

Wonderful BIF captures !😍

Thanks, I'm getting there. These ok, but still hoping to get some even just a bit more sharper focus.

Good luck ! this will be our pleasure to look at 😉

Nice pics...BIF...I managed to shot some BSIAT a couple days ago. I wanted to make a post about them here as they are not the usual tree sitters around here lol.

Also I finally have something to share here after a long time, shooting birds with a smart is rather difficult lol.

The bird feeder is paying off, happy for you. Your lady needs to get you a pillow for the time you are lurking in front of the window, waiting for the birds to come in 😄

🤗 x 10

BSIAT, love that lol. I'm going use that in a few other places.
I guess better lurking in front of the window from inside, than lurking in front of windows from the outside .
More snow coming down this afternoon, another 6-12 tonight... A lot more snow this year than past 3 years!

Lol, for sure better inside. Once your wifey is putting a pillow outside the window you know you've done sth wrong lol.

Sounds like it, I had a year in CO when it did not snow once, at least in Springs.

You nailed this one to the wall! Who knew you were such a great birder? I had to look them up because I didn't know what a nuthatch looked like.

The shots you got of the fanned-out wings were stunning. Not one, but, half a dozen. These are awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Ha, don't know about that, I spent at least 30 minutes searching on google and ebird before I guessed at nuthatch. Thanks to you and others for confirming my guess. Hehe I only uploaded the good ones, there were at least 3-4 times that many I threw away! I had a few good pics of them in the air with wings folded in, but they look really funny.

Awesome work dear..
All pics are classic shots..
Thanks for sharing

Nice these are incredible flight pictures! The shutter speed needed for that is probably quite a bit lol. I wonder how quick my camera can take them, I haven’t tried before. Can old Bessie do it?! Let’s find out

These were shot at 1/1600 and 1/2000 if that helps... I'm guessing you'll need at least 1/1000 or above to start cutting the blur depending on the wing speed. Still figuring out myself. Hummingbirds will be coming in another month or two and want to be prepared!

Ah hummingbirds will definitely be a good test for the cameras! I’ll see if my camera can handle that shutter speed, I know it can do at least 1/250 but not sure about higher than that.

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