Black Cap - Smap round 78 entry

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I've been trying to catch some bright finches that have been visiting, but so far they've eluded the camera. This week's "Free" theme hit at a great time, because I had a few pics still sitting on the camera. It included these and a couple good squirrel pics I'll save for later.

This is a Black Capped Chickadee. One of the most frequent visitors to our feeders, and it seems the least shy. They will often come to the feeders while we are sitting a few feet away.

Here's my entry for the contest.

and here's a couple others snapped during the session.

Shot with Sony A7RIV and 100-400 lens, light crop.
I just love the 60MP resolution on this lens that allows me to crop and still have a nice image.
Now, back to the finch hunt.


Dee-dee-dee! 😄 I love the hoarse calls of birds of this genus.

Yes! Me too! These, Cardinals, Doves, and Quails my favorite so far I think.

It's my first time hearing a bird named Black Capped Chickadee. Anyways, goodluck with the contest... I'm planning to join in this contest but I haven't find an entry for this yet.

Well this is an easy one. Find a bird, shoot a pic or find a previous pic unposted! Jump in, still plenty of time left.

Aww, such a cutie. 🙂
Awesome shot with the seed in the beak. It must be fun watching them feeding.

Good luck with the finch hunt.

Tks. I spotted them briefly today, but not enough time to grab camera between meetings. They are sneaky like that!

Ah... what a lovable Black Capped Chickadee, @ksteem!

Tks. They are some almost friendly cuties!

Congrats @ksteem for being winner!
By mistake I sent twice the Hive reward. May I ask to return 2 Hive?
So sorry for the inconvenience.

I won twice!? Woot! lol Sure, no problem. Thanks for inclusion!

Thank you so much.