Guess the First Bird Contest

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So I officially put up my first bird feeder yesterday. Just before a 2 inch snow last night. Now wondering how long it will take for the first bird to show up. Any ideas? Decided to have a contest while we wait.


Simple Rules:

  1. Upvote this post and comment with your Date / Time estimate (all times submitted as Mountain time, because that's where I am, don't ask me to convert).

The person with the closest date/time to when I spot the first bird will win 1 Hive as payout! If I'm able, I will grab a pic, if not, will just provide confirmation of the winner in this post.

Put your lucky guessing hats on and pick a date time!

Edit: I'll add an extra 1 Hive payout for the person that guesses the first type of bird. Idea courtesy of @quinnertronics !



Haha what a nice idea! I'm guessing...well it was yesterday and it is around noon now, so at 1527 today 😄. Cool feeder btw 👍

Can you please sprinkle some seeds and crumbles on the ground around 1500 please, so that they notice 😂 😂 😂 😂

Feb18 8:15 am

That is a great looking feeder! Hope it is as sturdy as it looks! 😁

Lol, well that's less than an hour from now, but we'll see! I really thought some would find it last night, I put it up a few hours before dark. Nothing yet. I think a lot of them moved farther south last weekend when we had the subzero temps and maybe haven't come back yet. Thought for sure I would see them by now this morning.

The pole seems a bit wobbly. I'm sure I'll need to support it more or move to a tree hanging later. Especially when the Bears wake up. Hoping to keep it close enough to open the window and get some good photos first.

I hope they found it today! It appears that you have it in a great spot with plenty of cover nearby. I can't wait to hear who your first visitors are. And it could be interesting when the bears wake up to see how long it takes them to find it!, I remember seeing a picture that a friend took of a bear holding her feeder in its paws and sitting on the ground pouring the contents into its mouth.

No visitors yet today, and was checking out the window a LOT. Not even any close by in the trees scoping it out. Only saw two birds all day, and they were quite distant from the feeder. We have about another hour or two of daylight, but not thinking I'll see any today. Will be up checking again early in the morning if not! My day starts before the sun this time of year.

Once they discover it you will be swamped with visitors!. All it will take is one Jay announcing his find to the forest!

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How about today10:22am. Bonus points if its a Blue Jay, i read the contest wrong haha, that was my first guess

Good idea. I'll add an extra 1 Hive payout for the person that guesses the type of first bird (provided I can identify it, lol).

Nice! Maybe a "trail cam "contest next where we guess what animal sets it off.. pretty cool idea

I just happen to have a couple trail cams and security cams. I like it!

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February 19 sunrise, and black capped chickadee

I was really thinking they would be swarming it today, especially with the snow covered ground this am. Now at least half the snow melted, but I guess it takes them a while to find it if no feeder previously. Still checking at least every 10 min lol. Supposed to get another 2 inches of snow Sat. so maybe that will help them narrow in on it faster if not by tomorrow!

When I put my first feeder up it took a hot minute for any of the birds to come to it. Once they find it be prepared to go broke feeding them. Hope that the starlings don't find it at all.

be prepared to go broke feeding them

😂 true

Congrats! You won 1 Hive for guessing the correct type! I spotted them around 10am this morning (Sun 2/28 at 10am)! Looks like it was a Black Capped Chickadee. Will post pics in a bit. Someone correct me on type if I'm wrong.



February 19, 2021 9:25am Maybe a nuthatch

Nice looking feeder.. Birds should be all around by now..

I know right? I expected maybe a couple days, but still no joy this am yet. We had another 3 inches of snow, maybe with the ground covered again they will find it today.

February 28 @ 8am - sparrow

P.S. That is an impressive looking bird feeder! @ksteem

Tks, apparently looks don't attract the birds! I though for sure that large, open area for food would pull them in quickly. I bought the larger size because I was expecting more than one at a time.

Well the race is still on! Still no visitors yet! I can't believe it's taking so long. That may be a good guess....

Congrats! You won 1 Hive for guessing the correct date! I spotted them around 10am this morning! Not the right type though, Looks like it was a Black Capped Chickadee. Will post pics in a bit.