Robins From Egg to Adult

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We've had several bird nests in our yard this year, one in the new garage (now empty), one just outside our front door over the floodlight, one in the wood shed, and this one in a tree in the back yard. Interesting it is just above waist high, so easy to peek into when mama bird is out collecting food.
Here is the next with four pretty blue Robin eggs.
Here is the little one's the day they hatched.

Here's is a few days later when they are starting to get some feathers.
And here they are about 10 days after hatching. Just about ready to go.

My reading shows they typically leave the nest (fledge) at about 13-14 days old, but then stay around the parents for another couple weeks.

And here's a few of the proud parents.




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Anticipation waiting from the egg to fledglings, wonderful captures of birds life.

Extraordinary with the nest being close enough to the ground to peep into when talking a walk keeping an eye on them.

@tipu curate

Yes, it was wonderful just peeking over during our walks each day with the puppy. First I've ever been able to observe that closely.

Exciting watching and waiting, hopefully this is a return spot for future generations.

sadly, there are no Robins in my area... never seen their beautiful heaven-coloured eggs.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 109 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Hi @ksteem

They are very adorable, since the eggs are blue.

But, you are extraordinary. Really, you really monitor their progress every step of the way, you are really lucky to have them grow well.

We walk by there 2-3 times a day walking the puppy. It was great just being able to peep over at them and pics from cellphone.

Beautiful birds. Totally different from the Robins we get in the UK. Ours are smaller and have a fairly small patch of orange on the breast. We have one that regularly visits our garden. I will try and get a photo of it.

It's amazing how the same type of bird can look so different in different geographies. The bluejays we have here vs. the Stellar Jays we had in Colorado were very different.

That beautiful, i haven't seen a lue eggs before, this is my first,na the way you track if the stages its goes through and their sate is amazing.

Thanks, it was great seeing the changes each day as we walked by.

Yay! 🤗
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Great photos for #featheredfriday some are so young they don't even have many feathers 🙂 Too bad these are not high enough to require drone photography haha

Right? I was looking for a way to get drone angle on them, but the tree canopy too thick above them. A nice, bushy apple tree.

Baby birds are so ugly and cute at the same time 😂

Right? Almost felt like I should put a "graphic content" warning on it. lol

what? You followed the sequence of his birth! What a fantastic post!

Thanks! It was very engaging to walk past and view everyday. A great experience.

Wow, blue eggs, never see one. That's beautiful 😍

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