An Afternoon With The Pigeons At The Wasserpark, Vienna

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One of the things that make us come here in this Wasserpark more often is the birds. Year-in year-out, so many birds species flock this area which is an extension of the Old Danube. Today, had been one of those sunny and warm days so we simply took the chance, jumped into the car and drove.


We´ve been wanting to go some days before but it rained a couple of days ago. And so this was a chance and had been the day ´cause I already prepared some bread cubes for the birds. There is a prohibition though...park visitors should not feed the ducks and the swans during the warm months and that is from March - Sept. Reason is that the birds can go search their own food.


The Pigeons came too.....

I smuggled some cubes, not many though just to attract the birds towards our direction. And so they came, the ducks and the swans. I did not expect that pigeons were there too!


The pigeons also caught our attention and they came running to us seeing that we have something for the other birds. They even came near me and were not afraid at all. So every time my hand moved, one was already standing before me waiting and watching me with those vivid eyes.


Pigeons can be very devastating in the city, they are sometimes a plague ´cause they live in the roofs, inner cornices of buildings, etc. which is a nuisance because their shit is very aggressive to any facade... so the city admins protect the statues, slabs or ceilings of old buildings with a stainless metal spikes on rain gutters or roofs to prevent pigeons and other big birds from landing. Most of the statues in the city are protected with net mounted on metal clamps.
The pigeons multiply so fast and sometimes I have read that there are orders like shoot to kill them. Some use poisoning method which is a cruel way to get rid of them. And even if they are shot, they might not die instantly and could still fly to die somewhere. Whichever way to get rid of the pigeons, it is for me animal cruelty.


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Wow! Ka pretty nila, sa Pinas pa na gi ihaw na or practisan ng mga bata with handmade pitik...

Hahaha... bitaw noh!

Wonderful photos! It's always great to spend a day out in nature.

I understand the problems cities have with pigeons, but I always wonder if they spent the money on planting trees rather than killing and putting up nets and spikes if we wouldn't all be better off!

Thanks for posting to the #featheredfriends community

Hello ! Thank you so much for the support as always!
I agree perhaps trees might help....but it is also human factor that makes them come back to the cities. The people feed them and they are so tamed that they expect to readily get food if they stay near humans.

I'm sure you are right. I never see them here in the woods! 😏

Am surprised...! Thanks my dear Barbara... I love the wonky bird kuken, It´s beautiful! Thank you too to the @ocd and its team for the curation.

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Hello to you Barbara dear! Thank you so much for supporting this content. Lol, how I wish you could make a wonky-like pigeon too... Take care.

Haha thanks, and you're welcome 😉