Swans and Gulls

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Swans, most beloved, graceful birds. Like storks in spring, the arrival of the swans is expected in late autumn. When the first birds are spotted on the beach, they are in the news. Instantly photos are shared in social media. I know they will stay for few months and taking the advantage of a nice day, I took the camera and off me went to the beach.

To my delight, it wasn't crowded. There were people walking on the beach, some coming specially to see and photograph the swans, but not so many and I could snap pictures from a distance without photobombing. Which is not entirely true, because the seagulls were in abundance and they did quite a lot of photobombing.

But first I saw one young swan swimming alone away from the group.


It was in the shallow waters and next picture gives a bit of impression of the rough water, but it was just a small wave.


When I said it was away from the group, I realized I don't know how the flock of swans is called. You see, each flock of birds got its specific name/s and I looked in a site that shed some light.

There are a few different terms for a group of swans, depending on where they are and what they’re doing at the time. A herd, bevy or flock of swans are the most popular terms. Swans in flight are often called a wedge or a flight, and swans on the ground are sometimes called a bank, likely because they flock next to the banks of rivers and lakes.

So, the young swan was away from the bank of swans, I could say. Interesting to know the other terms used and I like the most a ballet of swans. Of course it must be related to the well known Swan Lake ballet.

Now looking a bit further, I saw the bank of swans among the seagulls. Oh, and some pigeons on the shore as well.


And people too.


There is always this frenzy about the gulls and while the swans are swinming casually, the gulls were catching the food tossed by the people and caused such a kerfuffle.



It was hard, almost impossible to focus only on swans and got them in frame alone.



Somehow these small gulls reminded me of the pilot ships escorting the big vessels.

And off. Lots of actions shots. All I had to do is to press the button of the camera.


And some cropped images to end with.




And that is all for now. If you liked my post and photos, stay tuned, more will come in the next posts.

Some of my photos can be found on my Facebook and FB Group Brirds in Bulgaria.


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Ecency Love


You took great pictures, I dare say, considering how crazy these birds really are and the chaos they cause. Your attempts to focus on the swans can be seen very well and this has resulted in some very interesting shots!
Gulls really look like small boats escorting big vessels and I invariably think of Hitchcock's horror film again.🤭

Thank you very much! 🙂
I was never tempted to be very close to the swans knowing how they could be with bad temper. Still, these are pretty calm and the chaos was caused by the people who tried to feed them, but instead the gulls took most of the food.
I must admit, I haven't seen the Hitchcock's film. I don't know why, maybe because I am not a fan of horror films.

I don't like horror movies either. I'm terrified of them, actually. But that movie, Hitchcock's The Birds, is a childhood memory of mine that's stuck in my head precisely because it terrified me when I watched it as a kid. Since then, when I see seagulls, I instinctively think of it, and I am quite afraid of these birds. 😃 Of course, many birds can be dangerous too, even swans, as you say yourself. I just prefer to stay away.


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Thank you so much!
Greatly appreciated!

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