Portreti ptičijeg sveta 🕊️🐦🐦‍⬛ Portraits of the bird world

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Druženje sa prirodom nije dovoljno ako se u njemu ne zapazi i deo životinjskog sveta koji u njemu živi.
Letnji dani i boravak u prirodu je izuzetno za dodir sa prirodom i onim šta se u njoj nalazi.

Communing with nature is not enough if part of the animal world that lives in it is not noticed.
Summer days and being in nature is exceptional for being in touch with nature and what is found in it.

Ptice u reci - 4.pngPtica u reci - 17.jpegPtica u reci - 16.jpeg
Ptica u reci - 15.jpegPtica u reci - 14.jpeg

Najlepše je provoditi dane pored vode u okolini, nekako osvežava.
Nekako su uvek ptice veoma prisute u okruženju vode, i nikako skoro im se nemože prići u blizini, jer odmah odlete.

It's best to spend days by the water in the area, it's somehow refreshing.
Somehow, birds are always very present in the water environment, and it is almost impossible to get close to them, because they immediately fly away.

Ptica u reci - 13.jpegPtica u reci - 12.jpegPtice u reci - 3.png
Ptica u reci - 11.jpegPtica u reci - 10.jpeg

I ako su ptice živahnog duha, skakuću, love ribu u vodi ili uplaše se i polete, vredno je potruditi se i krenuti u jednu ovakvu avanturu sa njima, provesti dan slušajući njihove zvuke.

And if the birds are lively, jump, catch fish in the water or get scared and take off, it's worth making an effort and going on an adventure like this, spending the day listening to their sounds.

Ptica u reci - 9.jpegPtica u reci - 8.jpeg

Ptica u reci - 7.jpeg

Ptice u reci - 2.png

Ptica u reci - 6.jpeg

Samo, pazite, ovo može veoma lako da vam prođe u naviku, pogotovo ako ste u nekim gradovima, i želite da izbegnete galame i veoma neprijatne zvuke automobila, kamiona, i svakojakih mašina koje postoje u gradu, kao i buku ljudi.

Just be careful, this can easily become a habit, especially if you are in some cities, and you want to avoid the noise and very unpleasant sounds of cars, trucks, and all kinds of machines that exist in the city, as well as the noise of people.

Ptica u reci - 5.jpeg

Ptica u reci - 4.jpeg

Ptice u reci - 1.png

Ptica u reci - 3.jpegPtica u reci - 2.jpegPtica u reci - 1.jpeg

Uživajte uz ptica, koje god one bile vrste, videćete, mnogo ćete se bolje osećati.

Enjoy with the birds, whatever species they are, you will see, you will feel much better.

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Lovely photos!! i really like the colors you put to them and the format in your post!

great photos!

Thank you

very fascinating photos and you're right that looking at them irl might actually be more addictive than just seeing photos 😄 it's wonderful too to see other birds by the water than the usual species I'm used to (i.e. swan/ducks), so thank you for sharing your awesome pictures of them! 😃

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