Bird action on a rainy day.

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The Cape Robin chat sang a Happy Friday tune to all Hivers.

He sat singing away in a Bougainvillea bush on a neigbor's carport.

So, we have come to another end of a work week and in retrospect it was both a good and a bad news week for us, but I hope that all of you had a better week. The weekend lies ahead and we are all looking forward to a bit of rest and relaxation.
I have some birds here for you today.

I think that Robbie is the Elvis of the Robin's here.

Her Friday started with some work to do.

She is the wife of a Double-collared Sunbird and she was collecting nesting material.

This will now be a second nest in the Bottle Brush tree, as the first nest was already used twice this season.

Some seagulls came flying over in the stormy weather.

When they change the leading bird moves over to the right shorter line and the new leader moves up from the longer line.

Here you can see the change and they do this continuously until every one had a turn to lead the "V".

I made a plan with my leg as we don't have the money for the knee replacement operation, so now I will get a leg brace to prevent the knee from bending when I walk. So I will walk around with a stiff leg like the pirate Long John something. At least there will be no pain and that will be a great relief. We simply do what we can and I can always make a plan.
So, I am happy and wish everyone of you and your families a great weekend.

And That's All Friends!

Photos by Zac Smith-All Rights Reserved.

Camera: Canon Powershot SX60HS Bridge camera.

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The Cape Robin was posing especially for you! hehehe... What a great shot! Congratulations!

Seeing your photos with seagulls I remembered the joke... it was like

Did you notice that birds are flying in V shape but always with one side shorter... Do you know why?

It's because on that side are fewer birds...

:) :)

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Ah! I saw the LIOTES appear in my feed and I wondered what it was.
Now I can personally thank you and thank you for this message.

Hahahah, a great joke and I haven't heard it before.

I suppose that you know that the shorter line will become the longer line as the leading bird hand over the lead to next bird in the longer line.

Thank you once again and all strength to your project.

Thank you for your kind words!


Only a pleasure!

There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

Robbie is the Elvis of the Robins... hehe 😜
I was imagining a nice bird hymn until ... oh okay, short and quick chiros then 😛
Amazing how you can capture the change in the leading bird!

Hahaha, just a bit of fun with the Elvis thing.
It was my intention to show the lead change, but I had to wait for it and I was lucky to get it, as after that change they were gone.


Hey @silversaver888, here is a little bit of BEER from @papilloncharity for you. Enjoy it!

Do you want to win SOME BEER together with your friends and draw the BEERKING.

Robin is bobbing between the bougainvillea having fun, wishing you a happy day.

Don't despair about the knee, you have a temporary fix, keep pursuing possibility of permanent fix when new medical cover starts in new year.

Thank you lady Joan.

The temporary fix will have to endure, as in the new year we will still be on the same plan. We cannot afford the bigger plans as we were on the Gold plan and we downgraded to the second lowest plan.
We thought about upgrading again to the gold plan, but it now costs R10,000+ per month and that's more that my salary.
But I will think of something in the meanwhile.

We dropped down on plan level when hubby went on pension, never covers the whole year especially when you do have problems.

Irony is climb a ladder fall off onto that knee it is a new accident and they will fix it.... Yup the stupidity of all things stupidly greedy!

We did exactly the same and I never expected that things would start to deteriorate so fast with my health. First it was an unexpected gall stone the resulted in a gall bladder removed. Then a series of mishaps and operations started and the saga continues. Problem that each mishap became more dangerous.
So now I don't consider the knee as a serious threat, as it will not kill me.

Touch wood that I don't fall of a ladder now, as with my luck thety will think that I conned it hahaha.

Can you reblog my post like and comment

Hope this brace will help and that you can do the surgery.
Have a nice weekend!






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Thank you my friend and I hope that will also have a good weekend.







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Beautiful, this is why I’m trying to save for a zoom lens.

Thank you and luckily I don't have to buy a zoom lens, as my camera has a fixed zoom lens.

The Robin sang 'be happy and have a nice weekend Zac, relax and enjoy the time'. Let's hope that the Hive price goes up high enough for to afford your new knee, because this leg brace thing might keep the pain away, but I think it will hinder you from fast actions when you see a rare bird.

Btw, these are again cool shots of the Robin and the other birds 😀

!BEER and !WINE - both make a nice dinner with !PIZZA :)

Hahaha, thank you Hannes, but I prefer to think that he sang for all of you, as I hear Robbie's songs every day.
The Hive funds go to Papillon my friend.
I am used to getting around fast on my one good leg, so a brace will not bother me. In fact it's the pain that bothers me when I have to move fast.

After the accident the bones (Thibia and Tibia) refused to grow back together and after electrical impulses 6 months later the bones grew together in a huge round solid lump called elephant's foot.
In the process my leg became 25 mm shorter and it's due to the miss alignment of my hips with the shorter leg, that my knee and my lower back is now shot.

But life goes on and I will cope my friend and thank you for the care.

Blessings and thanks.

I knew you would reply that way, my friend 😀
I do hope that it works as you wish, but I do also hope that the Hive price rises high enough that paying for such a surgery would be easy manageable 😉

!PIZZA and !BEER - sounds like a nice dinner :)

You are a wise and kind man Hannes, but I think I have told you this before somewhere.

Thank you for the kind wishes, but I think that I should prepare my tool box to go and do a private job again somewhere to raise some cash.

Cheers and thanks.

Self earned money smells always better, but on the other hand, the money earned on the Hive is also made by your own hands :)

Thank you very much Zac 😃

!PIZZA and !BEER - sounds like a nice dinner :)

Are you now also saying things like the Papillon board of advisors Hannes?
I have refused steadfastly, as the income is meant for Papillon's security, but maybe I must rather start to listen to them, which is not going to be easy for me.

Believe me when I say that I am not a martyr, but we don't need anything, as we are happy to live with lesser things. As long as we can eat, sleep and have a roof over our heads we are fine. Plus we have a car and no debts.

If only combination can grow then that would sove a lot of problems.

Cheers and thanks.

Well, my friend, you have to live, what would Papillon be without you? There are organisations which have presidents and employees who get paid from the donations like big managers. That's not right, but if someone who works day and night for a non profit organisation needs help, why not?

@combination is still young, but as far as I can see, the number of people who donate is growing.

!PIZZA and !BEER - sounds like a nice dinner :)

My life is like that Hannes as I love what I do.
We have a board of advisors with a chairman and they are all volunteers, that also love what we do.
The one thing is that we do not have the funds to employ a professional fundraiser, so I have to do it all.

In order to cope with this, I have written some self funding generation projects that pays for the project expenses, by they have all been taken over by the communities up north.
Since we arrived here in the south 3 years ago, Papillon has had no income and I have worked on Hive. I have only once taken a powerdown, when we changed from steemit to Hive and never again, as I am building the account.
So let's see what happens in the long run.

Yes agreed, @combination still has a long run and it's growth will mean much for everybody, including Papillon, as once there is enough in it, then I can take powerdowns for Papillon.
Time will tell.

Cheers and thanks.

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