Feathered Friends - Show Me A Photo Contest Round 73 : Beautiful Malaysian pied fantail


Entry photo

Hello everyone

After a long time I am back again in this contest . I was busy in some family problem so I didn’t active in hive and also this feathered friends community . I missed this much. Now everything all right and I am back again here

Today I m share some beautiful photos of beautiful Malaysian pied fantail bird . this bird is very special for its tail . when you see this bird from back side . you can understand this bird is very beautiful . I love to see this bird .




Its tail is white and black color . this bird is very fast and always fly and jump from branches to branches . its also much difficult to click photos. I have image stabilizer lens so I can click some photos . but its also much difficult to click e. I this this bird is male because this kinds of activity seen in male birds . .

This birds also have some chicks . I love to share there photos. but in my next blog . hope you like this birds .

Thanks for your time

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Discord : #ridoykhan22#0033



Such an interesting bird, never seen before.
I love to learn about the birds from different parts of the world.

such beautiful plumage indeed, very accurate to be called a fantail 😃 thank you for sharing about this wonderful feathered avian!

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