Show Me A Photo Contest Round 87


We were sitting by the shore, taking in the amazing colors of the golden sky at Huntington Beach in California. This is a relaxing way to end a long and tiring day. And the seagulls joined us in gazing at the sun fade away.


These seagulls remind us to feel light and let our cares fly away. The sunset will soon give a new day.


This is our entry to Show Me A Photo Contest Round 87.


Amazing photography po. Beautiful seagull!

Thank you @chichi18. The seagull flying with the sunset at the background was just awesome

Awwe so relaxing naman po. Ganda ng pagkaka Pic nyu po sa seagulls & sunset. Ang perfect ng timing 📸💛

I was at the right place and time. Thank you for visiting @jewelsofaura.

These are amazing photos 😻

Wow! Your entry is so beautiful!

Nice shots of the seagulls.
Thank you again for your entry.