Feathered Friday - Lakeside Birds

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Here are this week's lakeside finds for #featheredfriday by @melinda010100
The first find was a black-crowned night heron. He kept his eyes on me but allowed a few photos. Last time I saw him he got spooked and barked at me like a dog.

Here is a juvenile double-crested cormorant. At first I though it was another mallard until it turned its head towards me.

You can tell this is a juvenile because it's face isn't bright orange yet.

It was a good sport for the most part and let me get some good photos.

But eventually it got spooked and flew off.

I managed to get a few clumsy takeoff shots as it took off to the other side of the lake.

The ducks were unconcerned with the commotion.

Most of these ducks are still juvenile and haven't filled out with full color yet.

The red-winged black bird juveniles are getting ready to head south for the winter.

This guy picked a nice flower to perch on. Soon his orange feather will be a bright red color, maybe he will come back here next year to start a family. For now he gets to go to Florida or somewhere warmer.

That's all for now happy #featheredfriday :-)


Amazing 😍

The birds were cooperative this week.

You seem to have a two for one deal on that duck in the water with its nice reflection. Your last photo with the red-winged black bird catches my eye. There's a small tinge of orange in all that black.

I assume it's perched on a branch and that's a pink hibiscus? My flower knowledge is getting better but is still not that great. My eye is drawn in two directions looking at the flower and the bird. The contrasts work so nicely together.

Awesome work and happy Friday.

Aha thanks for identifying the flower he was sitting on. I drink hibiscus tea but never made the connection that these flowers compose the tea.

I'm starting to realize you can make anything out of flowers. I had no idea there was a hibiscus tea. We are both learning today

Yeah its one of my favorite teas especially iced with a bit of lemonade in it.

You always show me really great pictures.

Yeah I caught all these on one walk, they were all posing nicely.

Yeah, I saw it, it's really cool.

Wow, congratulations to this amazing nigh heron picture! They are usually pretty shy, at least at the places I met them.

Yeah I'm surprised this one didn't fly away instantly especially since it was looking right at me.

Those are some magnificent photos. Especially the last two. The pinkess of the flower and the blackness/blueness of the feather's really complement each other. The colors just pop.

What camera were you usin?

Thanks for sharing and i hope you'll have a tremendous weekend!

I use an old olympus evolt 510 with a nice zukio zoom lens. These are amazing cameras for color and clarity in good sunlight.

Liked the last, with the flower. :))

There where three different juveniles all sitting on the flowers. That guy was the only one that didn't fly away.

My favorites are the last two. That red-winged blackbird really got me.

The red wings are really brazen and will pose nicely or try and dive bomb you for being in their territory.