Where there is Beauty, There is an Attitude - Little Feathered Friends!

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I woke up this morning to find a little white cute beauty waiting for me on the staircase. As many of you know my upstairs roof is home of many pigeons, this little white feathered friends might be taking her first flight and landed safely on the staircase.


I couldn't have a better surprise than this, and just hold it in no time. Being a new baby pigeon, it didn't go away. And I hooded it very elegantly in my palms.


I can feel the warm and soft body of the beauty, which is looking so adorable and lovely. At first she was scared, but the moment I started to caress and given some love peas, it get very friendly.


The pink beak and white body with little bit of black shades here and there. It was really a special one. In all these years we never have any white Pigeons. Most of the time, we have the regular, black and grey coloured but finding a White one is very exciting and made me happy.


I can feel the soft warm fur like hair all over it. Especially on top of its head, it was soft like a new cotton. The one around the neck was too cozy. I really falling in love with the new baby pigeon. My kids enjoyed too and played with it.


It was small in size, and as I put it down, it get scared. And in a min trying to get away, but didn't get too far and hooded the soft cozy feathers again.


Even with such small body, it has long feathers. Enough to fly away soon. Might be the first flight was a fail but sooner seeing it flying with both wings splattered all over sky isn't a big deal.





Lovely to find a pretty face so early in the morning. I kept the pigeon at its home, which was on the roof, but later it again fallen and saw it hanging with the window.


Anyhow, i like to take care if it, and need to save this unique white beauty, from the roaming wild cats. I place them on the floor and covered it with a straw bucket.

I will make sure to see it flying and settling into her natural habitat. For next one or two day I keep it under my watch. After all this is an amazing #featheredfriends


Namaste @steemflow