Feathered Friends - Smap Round #103 - Cold Birds - by Sunscape

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It is so cold that even the Pigeons are huddled together on the on the wires and lightpost. I have driven by here for years and have never seen this many togehter and so close to each other. They must really be cold.


Here is another intersection where the same thing is happening. I just had to capture this with my phone to share with all your bird lovers. Can you believe how closely they are sitting together?

Thank you @melinda and @nelinoeva for this fun #smap contest. Have a great week everyone!

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Oh, I can imagine how cold it is. And I have never seen so many pigeons lined up.

I had never seen so many all together before. Very odd indeed!

I love the photo. They are protected from the cold by being together.

I agree, they must have been cold to huddle together.

Wow they have packed in tight to combat the cold, noticed a post about a week ago with them packed on a roof top in Europe like that.

Amazing sighting we will never see, closest we have are the swallows getting ready to migrate once again when telephone lines are used as local get together with last route plans being shared !LOLZ

My friend got a heart transplant but regretted it immediately.
You could say he had a change of heart.

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Those birds are pretty smart to huddle like that.

Instinctively know what to do, takes humans a little longer to figure it out !LOLZ

This guy said he was going to attack me with his guitar.
I said is that a fret?

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