Feathered Friends - Show Me A Photo Contest Round 87

Hello, everyone out there in bird land.
With this week's Show Me A Photo Contest Round 87 being BIRDS IN ACTION,
I'm sure we have all taken many pictures of our #featheredfriends doing their thing. I'm also sure that many of the pictures we have tried to capture while they are performing their actions have come out blurry. this doesn't deter us from snapping away and every once in a while we get lucky.

Here are a few pictures I've been fortunate enough to capture when the clarity of the pictures has made me smile.

First up are two pictures of some American Goldfinches. The ones on the feeder seem to be scolding the one trying to get a turn at the feeder

It seems that their cold stares have made him think otherwise, as he flies away.


At first, I thought these two Downy Woodpeckers were smooching, but the one on the right was sharing some of the suet that he had just taken from the suet block in the feeder. It's always nice to share.


This was fun to see.
Blue Jays are a constant visitor to the feeders filled with seeds. they especially like the Black Oil Sunflower seeds. I was never sure how they swallowed such a big seed. Well they don't, they remove the shell first and then eat the seed. Here the jay is holding the seed between its claws and pecking at the shell to remove it.

I was surprised at how nimble their claws are. Only on a rare occasion did the seed slip from their grasp.


Now, this is what I was talking about at the start of this blog, blurry pictures of the subject, but still pretty cool.


A big thank you to @nelinoeva, @melinda010100, @barbara-orenya, and @oks2crypto for all of the time they spend making this community such a fun place.

Have a splendid day you'll!


The woodpecker one was the one I liked best. But the goldfinches sure are pretty.

It is always fun in your feeder. 😀
The sharing woodpeckers stole my heart.
Blurry images got some charm. I would love to have again a week of blurry pics.

You captured wonderful images of the birds at your feeder. I have many blue jays here. I think the parents had enough and flew off leaving the babies here for me to look after. 😆 They know the moment I open the back door to put food out for the birds.